What should be the driver?

Each profession requires special knowledge and skills from a person. Driver's profession is no exception. In addition to being able to drive, you also need to know the rules of the road, a set of laws that regulate traffic, and also have excellent vision and reaction to avoid bad situations on the road.

The legislative framework

There is a list of what laws a driver must know for safe driving. First of all, the driver must be aware of what laws, rules and regulations regulate traffic, as well as what constitutes a violation of these rules. The main document for the motorist should be the Resolution of the Council of Ministers № 1090, which introduces the rules of the road.

Everyone knows that ignorance of the law does not exempt from liability, which is why it is also worth knowing the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses in order to understand what the traffic violation entails.Drivers should familiarize themselves with the list of fines imposed by the government for various offenses on the road, as well as with additional orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which are designed to regulate traffic in the country.

Driver's documents

It is also important for each car enthusiast to know what documents the driver should have when traveling. Following the latest instructions of the government of the federation, the list of obligatory documents of the driver includes a certificate of registration of the car, a driver's license, as well as a mandatory insurance policy for all. The power of attorney for the right to drive a car is not necessary today.

Driving ethics

In addition to the fact that every driver must know the rules of the road, prescribed by law, there are also various unspoken special rules that must be followed by a good driver.

Experienced drivers know that it is not always possible to comply with the official traffic rules, but it is important not to interfere with traffic on the road. Give way, where there is a need, to calculate the situation a few steps forward, not to add speed when overtaking - a short list of those rules that guide normal drivers.

Also, figuring out how to be a driver, you should remember about driver's ethics. It is necessary to communicate with other road users with the help of gestures and headlights, to respect the traffic police officers, not to use the horn in the residential area. All this can characterize the driver as the right road user.

Taxi driver

A driver who wants to work as a taxi driver must not only know and comply with traffic rules, but also have some other personal qualities for their profession. There are several rules for how a taxi driver should be. First of all, a taxi driver should be well aware of the road junction where he is going to work. It is also important that the taxi driver is a fairly erudite person, as the passenger often wants to talk on the road to pass the time.

In addition, the taxi driver should be a bit of a psychologist to guess the mood of the passenger: when to stand, and when not to start a conversation, when it is better to turn on or turn off the music. And, of course, the appearance of both the driver and the car is important.If the taxi driver is well dressed, shaved and combed, and the interior is clean and tidy, then the opinion of such a taxi driver will be only the best, and the trip will be pleasant.

Officially, there is no such list that tells what qualities a driver should possess. Everyone knows that a good driver must be a professional in his field - know the traffic rules, focus on the terrain and have an idea about driver ethics. But in order to drive responsibly, it is also necessary to have a stable mental health, excellent eyesight and reaction. This will help avoid negative situations on the road.

And patience is important on the road. It will definitely come in handy in traffic jams, when dealing with employees of traffic police and in other unpleasant situations. In addition, a good driver is sure to help any other driver who is in trouble or unable to cope with extreme driving conditions.

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