What to bring from China?

Everything that is done is done in China. This is how in modern times they paraphrase the famous proverb. And this expression has a real basis: taking almost any thing in your environment, you will see the famous �Made in China�. But China is famous not only for its production, it is also a very beautiful and attractive country for tourists. What to bring from China, than to please the household, what are the traditional Chinese souvenirs, you will learn from this article.

Traditional Chinese Souvenirs

The fact that buy in China has already been stated in our article "What to buy in China?". Let's take a closer look at what China is famous for:

  1. Fans. Huge, beautiful wall fans will decorate any room and will remind you of your trip to China.
  2. Set for the tea ceremony. Surprise your friends by treating them with real Chinese tea prepared according to all traditions and canons.
  3. Figurines. Everything, from money toads to small gods with round bellies, as well as coins and wind music are excellent and inexpensive souvenirs for friends.
  4. Bijouterie. Bracelets, amulets, charms with Chinese characters not only will be a memorable gift, but also bring good luck to its owner.
  5. Maneki Neko.Figurines of kittens, bringing happiness, will be a great surprise for cat lovers.
  6. Chinese ethnic clothing. Painted shirts and dresses made from Chinese silk are not only a traditional symbol of China, but also of high quality and a sign of good taste.

Practical gifts

If your goal is not to remind you of a unique Chinese culture, then you can find other, more practical gifts:

  1. Electronics and equipment. Everything, from computers to mobile phones, is cheaper to buy in China. But it should be borne in mind that the models purchased in China are significantly different from the original ones, which may impede their maintenance at home.
  2. Clothing. Back in the 90s, our compatriots traveled to China in �shuttles� and brought a lot of brand and cheap clothes.
  3. Medication. Tinctures and herbs of traditional Chinese medicine help not only from existing diseases, but also for the prevention of diseases.

Customs regulations

In China, as in any other country, there are some restrictions on the import and export of goods. It is better to know in advance what can be brought from China and what cannot be in order not to get into an awkward situation at the airport.

  1. Declaration.Even at the entrance to China do not forget to declare all the products made of precious metals, jewelry, cultural values that you have. Otherwise, at the exit, you will not be able to prove that you bought them not in the PRC.
  2. Check. You must have a standard receipt for every souvenir and, especially, equipment and jewelry, cultural values. It is best to make a reservation when you buy that you are a tourist and plan to take out a gift for the country.
  3. Amount. Remember that the quantity of goods purchased by you must be commensurate with the needs of one person. For the wholesale export of goods with the further intention of the sale are needed completely different documents.

Features of export

Many people want to protect themselves from unnecessary worries and learn in advance how to bring goods from China. You should not have any particular difficulties if all the above rules are observed. It can only be noted that if you cross the border by train, then the control there is not as strict as at the airport. There are, of course, some tricks that help to hide certain goods from customs officers, but they are connected with the crime of the law, which you need to remember.

Enjoy your holiday!

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