What to do if the lips are weathered

The condition of the lips is affected both by the internal environment of the body and the impact of external adverse factors. Therefore, to prevent chapping of the lips, you must take care of your own health and protectlipsbefore going out. And besides, indulge them with different masks and vitamins. Tolipsdid not dry out and did not wind up, take care of sufficient replenishment of the body with fluid. In hot weather, do not leave the house without water and drink it in small sips, wettinglips, and in winter, drink water between meals and keep warm drinks in addition to water. Because the condition of the lips can be affected by a lack of vitamins, periodically take them with preventive courses. What iflipsstill prone to cracking, drying and chapping, drink a double dose of vitamin A and E. Perhaps the body lacks these very beauty vitamins. Moreover, you can buy a lip balm with them and apply it every time before leaving the house. Take seriously the choice of lipstick.With dry skin and lips accordingly, give preference to oily and moisturizing, but not resistant lipstick. Despite their rich color and stability, they dry out even more the skin, the unsightly appearance of which will not save even the most beautiful color. Iflipsweathered, they need help. To do this, use a variety of home remedies - softening, nourishing and moisturizing the skin of the lips. One of them is honey. Lubricate themlipsat any convenient time of day. Also feedlipsolive or sunflower oil (unrefined). In addition, they soften welllips, they are also a source of vitamin E, which is necessary for the normal state of the skin, including the skin of the lips. At the first sign of drying, grease them with balsam or emollient.

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