What to do if there are circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can appear when overworked, improper lifestyle, after a long stay in the sun, in violation of hormonal levels, or the hereditary factor can be the cause.
To get rid of the circles, consult a doctor, pass a medical examination. This will help to clarify and eliminate the internal problem that led to the appearance of dark spots.
Normalize your daily routine, eat properly, try to get enough sleep, avoid stress. On prescription, take a multivitamin complex. Include in the diet a large number of fresh juices from citrus fruits, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits.
Completely give up bad habits. Nicotine and alcohol aggravate the problem, and the circles under the eyes become much larger and darker.
When visiting the beach, solarium, use a cream with a protective factor number 20. The same applies to the base under the makeup.The skin under the eyes is very thin with closely located capillaries. If it is prone to the manifestation of dark circles, you need to protect it as much as possible from the negative impact of the external environment.
If you need to get rid of the circles very urgently, do a cold compress. Wrap a few ice cubes in gauze, apply to your eyes for 15 minutes, then use a masking pencil. Its color should be chosen carefully, so that the border between the foundation and powder was imperceptible.
To eliminate dark circles under the eyes, use a cooling roller and cream with alpha-hydroxy acids. This will help not only get rid of wrinkles and get a visible lifting effect, but also improve blood circulation, which will significantly reduce dark circles.
And yet do not forget, no external adjustments will not help you completely get rid of the circles, and will only contribute to their reduction and disguise. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

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