What to do with the neighbor-catwoman?

This lady has a few cats at home in complete lack of sanitation. At the entrance stands an intolerable odor. What should we do to call her to account?
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Ira Loginova
Ira Loginova
Answered on November 24, 2014 20:03
As far as I know, you need to write a complaint to the management company, if this nice woman) violates the rules of living: breeds cockroaches, cats, the smell of which prevents residents, lets out a dog without a muzzle and the like. Here write a complaint (it is better to unite and write a collective one), a check on compliance with sanitary rules should be carried out, then the case is sent to the court if the neighbor does not heed the recommendations of the officials, and the court will make a decision. You understand that the merit and bureaucracy are unmeasured, but this is still more effective than waiting for it to come to its senses.

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