What to take to the train?

The popularity of rail movements does not slow down. A large proportion of the country's population resorted to the services of the Russian Railways at least once. If you have a long trip, it's time to think about what to take on the train.

About the most important

To begin, let's talk about what you need to take on the train in the first place, so that the trip is not clouded, and there is no trouble. Prepare all the important things: documents, passport, tickets, money, do not forget to take the insurance policy, mobile phone and charger for it. Prepare a compact handbag with a belt over your shoulder or on a belt; it will be especially indispensable during sleep and short stops.

  • Stock up on supplies: water and food. Of course, in any train there is a dining car, but due to high prices it is not particularly popular. So, what to take on the train to eat?
  • If the duration of the trip exceeds one day, then stock up with homemade food for exactly that time, after it starts to deteriorate and it is not recommended to use it. Although, the safety of products, of course, also depends on the season, the availability of air conditioning system in the car.
  • Buying food at the stations is very risky, but also expensive.In no case do not buy at the stations meat and fish products, especially in hot weather, the risk of poisoning is very high. Travelers come to the rescue with ready-to-cook foods and fast food products that are sufficient to boil with boiling water: soups, mashed potatoes, cereals.
  • In addition, stock up on snacks: crackers, dryers, fruits.
  • Take tea bags or coffee, not the fact that the guides will provide you with them. In no case do not drink water from the tap in the toilet of the car. Stock up on liquid at home, and it is quite possible to replenish stocks at the pyrone.
  • Remember that you have the right to take no more than 36 kilograms of hand luggage, its size in the sum of width, length and height should not exceed 180 centimeters.

What else can I take on the train, except for documents and food?

Take care of the fun. You can, of course, make new acquaintances and slack off jokes with fellow travelers.

For lovers of reading and crosswords, the best way out is books, newspapers, collections of crosswords and skanvordov, magazines and more.

MP3 players, phones and various gadgets are also able to brighten up the time of the road. But they require recharging, for which the conductors sometimes charge.

Parents who go on a trip with their children are puzzled by the question of what to take to the child on the train. Take children board games or drawing, read him a fairy tale. Various electronic toys on batteries like tetris will also work. Many children love to make new acquaintances on the train and make new friends.

Basic safety rules

  1. Only pack your bags and bags next to you: under the seat or on the third shelf. Do not allow other passengers to place their belongings next to yours: this will reduce the likelihood of loss as a result of an error or deliberate robbery.
  2. During the train stop, do not go too far, focus on the conductors, if they all entered the car - this is a sure sign that you should immediately do the same. Remember that the time indicated in the parking schedule may differ from the actual.
  3. If you are still behind the train, do not hesitate to go to the head of the train. To help you is his direct responsibility. He must make an announcement on the radio so that your belongings are removed from the train and provide a ticket to the nearest similar route. If all documents are with you, the solution of this question will be much simpler.

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