What to wear in a restaurant?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
February 28, 2013
What to wear in a restaurant?

How many people, so many tastes, however, when going to a restaurant, you will still have to follow certain rules, for example, to give preference to the classical style. After all, a visit to a restaurant is a kind of performance, and it must be played correctly. So what to wear in a restaurant so as not to look like a black sheep?

What to wear in a woman's restaurant

When choosing clothes, a woman or a girl should take into account the specifics of the situation, her age and figure. Restaurant outfit should not be bright and excessively striking. Choosing winter clothes, it is desirable to stay in dark colors, summer outfits are organic in a lighter, pastel range. A blouse should certainly be in harmony with the suit, while it’s good if it is a little lighter. The restaurant will most likely have to unbutton a jacket, so you need to make sure that underwear doesn’t show through your blouse. Such an attribute as pantyhose is necessary not only in winter but also in summer. They are unacceptable seams and patterns, claws must be flesh-colored.

When visiting the restaurant are not allowed:

  • suede, patent leather, high-heeled shoes;
  • socks;
  • open areas of the body;
  • excessive amount of jewelry, it is recommended to limit to a ringlet, a pin on a jacket or a blouse, neat little earrings;
  • long flowing hair;
  • brightly colored hair of an unnatural color, it is recommended to limit to light makeup, ordinary lipstick and mascara;
  • bright nail polish.

The presence of a woman's sense of taste will confirm the reserved classical style and the absence of the smell of perfume, which is generally unacceptable in a restaurant. Only a minimum of eau de toilette and deodorant is allowed.

What to wear in a restaurantWhat to wear in a restaurantWhat to wear in a restaurant

What to wear in a restaurant man

Everything is much simpler here. In case of going to a restaurant a man should have a classic, appropriate time of the year, a suit and a light shirt. Entering the restaurant, the man does not undo the suit, except that the bottom button of his jacket. Later, during the meal, it is allowed to unbutton the rest.

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