What to wear with a skirt above the knee

Picking with other things

Straight cut is permissible to combine absolutely with any top. This can be a strict office jacket - and then the outfit is suitable for everyday wear, or a colored loose blouse that complements the more restrained bottom with its lightness and frivolity. The only caveat - mini looks bad with long sleeves. In jackets or shirts worn to her, they will need to be rolled up to a quarter or to the elbow, and it is better if they are already short.
Tulip skirt is popular among fashionistas because of its flirty look - it is better than others for a date or a party. Elegant top with a deep neckline and lace bolero emphasize femininity and elegance. Ballet flats are not recommended to be worn together with this set: they visually shorten the legs and will look ridiculous, as they relate to a free and democratic style. High heels or wedges - this is the choice of a confident girl.
But a short denim skirt - an attribute of youth and students - is decorated with ballet flats and other flat shoes.It is with her that you can wear sweaters with different-knit pigtails, as well as western shirts. Another option that has already become classic: short jeans, leather or suede knee-high boots and a translucent blouse, white or small print, on the head is a female analog of stetson. A girl walking in such a dress around the city will invariably attract a sea of ​​male views, and if she, without leaving her image, goes into any bar and sits on a high stool at the bar, the rest of the fair sex sitting in the hall will fade on her background.
Leather skirt, occasionally going out of fashion and returning to it again, should be completed with at least one detail of the same texture - a short jacket or a handbag. This is a rather heavy-looking detail, so it needs to be diluted with light chiffon blouses, and the combination with a bright knitted sweater will be very original, but perfectly suitable for walking in the autumn park.

What to wear mini

A skirt on two palms above the knee requires a neat set, because there is a danger to go beyond the temptation and go to the vulgarity.Let it be a shirt with a weightless scarf tied around your neck or a blouse of a complex cut - the minimalism of the bottom should be complemented by a multi-layered top, and the smoothness and lack of details - with relief and folds.

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