What vitamins to take for hair loss

Dye hair products, deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the body, negative environmental factors and much more, of course, contributes to the fact that the lush mane begins to slowly thin. The use of vitamin masks, firming lotions, scalp massage procedures can help in complex hair restoration. However, the effect of them will be quite short-term. The best way to get rid of the problem is to use the necessary vitamins.

The benefits of vitamins group "A" for hair

In case of hair loss, vitamins of group “A” can be very useful, because they have a large number of useful properties, in particular:
• promote fast hair growth;
• help to avoid dandruff, due to the hydration of the scalp;
• restore the hair structure;
• Give hair shine.
Vitamin A - retinol - is well absorbed by the consumption of the following products: cream, liver, sour cream, butter, milk, and caviar.
Vegetables, such as, for example, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, red pepper, do not contain this vitamin initially, but they contain carotene, which is converted into vitamin A by enzymes.It is useful to make hair masks with the use of oil solutions of vitamins A and E, as well as vitamins of group "B" in ampoules. They can also be used separately, rubbing into the roots of the hair, processing the tips.

Vitamins of group "B"

B vitamins are often called “beauty vitamins,” they are responsible not only for the condition of the hair, but also for the nails and skin.
Their useful properties are as follows:
• increase the intensity of hair growth;
• contribute to the strengthening;
• maintain healthy hair;
• contribute to the improvement of blood circulation;
• good effect in violation of the sebaceous glands.
Vitamin B is found in pork, broccoli, bananas, rice, oranges, brewer's yeast, hazelnuts, etc.

Vitamins C, E, F, H

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the blood vessels of the scalp, protects the hair from falling out. Foods that contain this vitamin are familiar to almost everyone — citrus fruits, black currants, and sauerkraut.
In turn, vitamin E supports the health of the scalp, nourishes the hair roots. It depends on him more healthy form of hair. It can be found in beans, parsley, spinach, tomatoes, eggs, peas and many other products.
But vitamin F will help to resist brittle and dry hair. It is contained in avocados, wheat, sunflower seeds and almonds.
With enough vitamin F in the human diet, other vitamins are absorbed much better.
Biotin - vitamin H - protects hair color from gray hair and helps avoid baldness. A good amount of biotin is contained in the following products: beef and pork liver, cabbage, peanuts, dry green peas, tomatoes.

Vitamin Diet

To maintain hair in good condition, you can use special multivitamin complexes, dietary supplements - "Doppelgerts active, Vitamins for healthy hair and nails", "Vitrum Beauty", "Perfectil", "Alphabet", "Vitacap" or others. Take the drugs you need strictly according to the instructions attached to them.
You can also replenish the body with vitamins using the correct diet. To do this, you need to create a specific menu of the above products, let the first day be devoted to strength and brilliance, and the second to health.Such alternation will help not only once to help with hair restoration, but also to leave them so for a long-term period.

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