When a lady can invite first

To begin with, quite a bit of statistics

However, there will be no boring digital calculations. Let’s denote the proportion, and the words from the song are perfect for this: “... Because there are ten guys, according to statistics, nine guys ...”. And now - clarify the proportions. The song was written in good "stagnant years". Now the proportion is even worse, for men, though the stronger sex, but they are the first to take all the blows themselves. And they do not always maintain them ...

What to do? Two approaches

The eternal Russian question! There is also “Who is to blame?” But we are too busy to deal with him! For you need to build your female happiness! And "House 2" here only hurt!

In any bookstore, Talmuds like "How to fill up the guy of your dreams in five minutes" occupy almost a third of the retail space. Glossy recycled paper is full of advertising of all rubbish for "attracting male attention". On television, evil spirits, such as feminist psychologists, “broadcast” everything about the same thing - about the intimate ... Oh, they really know the type! Do you still continue to believe fatty nutritionists andacne beauticians?

What is undeniable is:

You are a woman and therefore an ideal consumer. That is, quickly “lead” on advertising.

You are naturally married. Even if your pretty head in youth was fooled by feminist nonsense, by the age of forty the veil will disappear from the eyes. So it is better to "turn on" brains from an early age!

Under your desire to "marry" you will try to "vtyuhat" I will break through the rubbish under the brand of sincere concern for you. In fact, the “snoopers” are concerned only with their own profits.

You will not be able to resist the hypnosis of the “box”, “gloss” and girlfriends - spend your best years shopping!

But, fortunately, there is another way!

Eternal but undeservedly forgotten truths

Dance - the best gymnastics urban women to keep in good physical shape! If ANY sport acts selectively, then the dance "includes" ALL muscle groups. In other words - sport, although it improves health, but contributes to a disproportionate physique! Handballs or swimmers have seen, for example? Compare them with any famous dancer!

As in any clump of marble a perfect statue is enclosed, so a beauty is hidden inside any woman! It is necessary "just" cut off all unnecessary.And do not trust your body with "raspiarennymi" sculptors! Silicone, lifting, removal of ribs and other expensive and unsafe procedures - most often they have nothing to do with beauty and your happiness! So it’s better yourself!

And as a result, your chosen one will not go anywhere!

So dance! Which one to choose?

A quick guide to popular dance destinations

Pair Dance

A common problem - a partner is desirable! Although it is possible to practice (and dance) personally with a teacher, up to the world champion ...

  • Ballroom dance
    • Benefits: The international program includes 10 different dances (5 European standard + 5 Latin American). The body will be worked perfectly!
    • Disadvantages: expensive pleasure.
  • Argentine Tango
    • Benefits: beautiful thighs and the absence of cellulite! "Royal" posture and gait "from the hip"
    • Disadvantages: no
  • Latina (mambo, salsa, kizomba, "zuk" and so on)
    • Benefits: “wasp” waist, tight body and soft gait
    • Disadvantages: loads are not weak, so it is not for middle-aged occupation.Although no one has canceled exceptions!
  • Swing dances (west coast, boogie-woogie, rock and roll and so on)
    • Benefits: great mood and eternal youth are guaranteed!
    • Disadvantages: serious loads! Calculate your strength!


  • Body ballet
    • Benefits: great posture and "turned" legs
    • Disadvantages: as long as you "get involved" it will not be easy!
  • Belly dance
    • Benefits: feminine figure. Perfect female health!
    • Disadvantages: no
  • Flamenco
    • Benefits: fantastic posture, incredibly expressive hands
    • Disadvantages: not combined with some diseases!
  • Irish dancing. African American step
    • Advantages: strong and beautiful legs, easy walking, posture faechki from a fairy tale!
    • Disadvantages: until you start to flit, you will have to shed more than one bucket of sweat! Injuries in training are also more than real! Be careful ...

Which dance school will be suitable for you?

Tips for Choosing the Right

  • Far from the most publicized school is really the best.
  • A qualified teacher is more important than a pathetic euro-repair in the dance hall!
  • Do you want to be like a teacher? And move as she is?
  • Ask for permission to watch the classes at a supervised dance school. A better few.

Quote from a famous movie instead of an epilogue

There must be a mystery in a woman. The head is slightly raised.

Eyes slightly lowered.

Everything is free here.

The shoulders are folded back. The gait is free, from the hip. Uninhibited, free plastic of the panther before jumping.

Men are not allowed to have such a woman!

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