When is it best to cut hair for yourself and a small child?

For a long time there are many signs and rituals associated with hair, how to care for them, and, most importantly, when and how to cut hair - is a very important event, both in the life of a very young child and in the life of an adult.

Naturally, the rules of the modern world require a well-groomed and healthy appearance from a person, and hair is no exception. In order for them to look good, they need to be constantly cut, removing split ends, as well as cutting off sore ends.

When is the best time to do a hairstyle?

However, now few people think that all these procedures can have a fateful influence on a person, the knowledge and traditions of our ancestors can tell us a lot.

Nowadays, few people know that in olden times it was believed that hair is a special matter that is capable of communicating the human body with the life-giving forces of space.

These are such antennas, which not only accumulate the energy of the surrounding world, but also concentrate in themselves the vitality of the person himself.Therefore, it is possible to imagine with what reluctance and even fear our ancestors were separated from their hair.

By the way, then the word "hair" was not, and they were called Cosmas. It is only in our time that this word has acquired not the most pleasant meaning, the most interesting is that the cosmos and the cosmos are words with the same root, they have an obvious connection with each other.

Earlier in general, the hair was treated differently, for example, Frankish kings from early childhood walked uncut, to cut off hair meant to abandon the throne. And here, for example, in ancient Egypt, children were specifically left one curl on the temple, he grew up with the child, and was shaved off only when he reached his majority.

Surely, many have heard of such a hero, Samson, his strength lay precisely in his long hair. But on the other hand, few people know that the enemies defeated him only when his beloved lady cut them, leaving him practically helpless.

The enemies captured and chained him, only they did not take into account one thing - the industry’s branches, the power returned. That's when Samson and brought down the vaults of the building, in which his enemies feasted and enjoyed themselves.There are many examples, which is why there are many signs that link the health and well-being of life with hair.

Any mother wants her child to grow up happy, healthy and intelligent, so sometimes they even turn to such different superstitions. Believe it or not - it is, of course, a master's thing, but we will nevertheless tell you when it is possible to cut hair, both to a child and an adult, so as not to disturb the harmony and balance between the human body and the surrounding forces of space.

Magic or justified reality?

It is believed that the hair has some kind of own, biological, memory. No wonder among the students there is such a sign: you can not cut or trim the hair before the exam, or all that he taught - you will forget.

For the same reason, the haircut procedure causes fears in pregnant women, because cutting off their curls, it can lose the information that the future child must transmit at some biological level.

It is also for this reason that it is believed that children too can not be cut off the hairs, because through them they can obtain information that connects them with the Gods.

Gorgeous hair requires special care

Nowadays, faith in the Gods is almost lost, which is why parents especially do not believe in such signs. However, in accordance with them, cutting the hairs of the baby, you deprive him of God's help, he becomes whiny, develops worse, maybe even aggressive and cruel.

There is still a sign, if you cut the curls of a child under one year old, then you “cut off the tongue”, the child learns to speak longer than others. Some believe, some do not, but most mothers still do not risk cutting their children before the year ...

If you look at all this from a scientific point of view, then cutting a child up to one year doesn’t bear much importance if you thus hope to improve the thickness and strength of his hair. They will be exactly as much as the hair follicles on the head, and haircut has nothing to do with it.

Kids are born with a gun on his head, and somewhere only after a year he begins to transform into ordinary hair. Therefore, those widespread opinions that, they say, if you cut a baby on a bald head at 1 year old, then after it a thick and healthy hair will grow, they are groundless. The baby, rather, the irritation of the delicate scalp will receive.

And the hairs themselves will be updated, just with time.Doctors advise, in order to strengthen the baby's hair, you just need to comb it every day - getting curls first to the left, then to the right, against growth, and then by hair growth.

When can I cut my hair?

If you want your haircut to be accompanied with some positive and correct changes in life, then we bring to your attention a kind of calendar when you can cut the hair of a woman. The best and easiest way to stick to a specific week.

  • For example, on Monday, haircut and hair painting are very favorable, thus you will get rid of a pile of unsolved problems.
  • On Tuesday, it’s better to go if you have the monotony and monotony of life, and on Wednesday a haircut will be a prerequisite for discovering something new, making new friends and returning old ones. Haircut on Thursday helps to increase well-being and popularity.
  • But on Friday it is better not to have a haircut, leave it on Saturday, which is the most favorable for a new hairstyle.
  • Sunday - the day is not for haircuts, cutting off the hair on this day - you cut off your own luck and destiny.Although if in your life everything is bad, nothing works out, then you can resort to such a procedure, maybe fate will turn to you with another, more favorable sideways.

What days it is better to refuse haircuts?

In addition to the listed days of the week, there are also some calendar dates, the so-called satanic lunar days, on which they say, it is possible to cut off the “mind and memory”. These include the 9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th numbers, these also include the days of lunar and solar eclipses.

If you want your hair to accelerate its growth, then it is better to cut your hair with a full or growing moon, but on a decreasing moon it is better not to. But, if you want the hair to stop falling out and strengthen the roots, then it is the waning moon that will help you with this. They will grow slower but healthier. Another point - trust your hair to a proven master, it is believed that the hairdresser should be of the same sex as you, preferably younger than you.

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