When spud potatoes a second time

To determine when and how many times you need to spud potatoes, you need to figure out what this procedure is for. First of all, when hilling, all weeds are removed from the surface of the soil, which naturally has a favorable effect on the germination of tubers. Also during hilling, the upper dense crust of the soil is loosened (it is formed after rains or watering), oxygen access to planting material is normalized, which has a positive effect on the growth rate of seedlings.

Generally, hilling potatoes are usually made twice per season. As for the timing of the work, then there are no exact dates; here it is necessary to rely solely on the height of the seedlings. Horticulture experts have come to the conclusion that the first hilling should be done from the moment the height of the gatherings reaches 10-15 cm. The height of the ridge should not be above 5-7 centimeters at the first hilling, that is, after the work, the height of the bush above the ridge should be at least 5-8 centimeters.

As for the second hilling, it is carried out two or three weeks after the first, but always before the culture blooms. During the second hilling, the width and height of the ridges are made as large as possible. It is worth remembering that the quantity and quality of the crop will depend on the parameters of the ridges (wide and high ridges contribute to the formation of more tubers).

With the timing of hilling potatoes figured out, now it is worth analyzing some of the nuances of the procedure itself:

  • spud potatoes best after a little rain. If the time of hilling has come, but there is no rain, then in this case it is advisable to water the bed with a small amount of water before the procedure, so that during the hilling the damp soil lays to the bottom of the stalks.

  • if the weather is sunny and hot, hilling should be done either early in the morning or in the evening, if you ignore this advice, then after the procedure the seedlings can grow. On the restoration of plants will take a lot of time.

  • To make the potato easier for hilling, it is necessary to feed it before the procedure.

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