When to buy a car?

It is no secret that the automotive market is highly subject to seasonal changes. When it is better to buy a car can be determined by assessing the dynamics of seasonal price changes in this industry.

When is it profitable to buy a used car?

A used car is best bought in January. The results of the statistical analysis of the secondary car market SmartUs.ru (vertical search systems on the Internet) lead to this conclusion. For example, during 2009, used cars fell by about 20%. While the cost of new cars rose by almost half. This trend continues in January of the new year. And in February, buyers expect a traditional seasonal price increase. Maximum, as a rule, will be in April.

When to buy a new car

It is known that most of the best deals and various promotions and discounts in car dealerships usually occur in December. On the eve of holidays, dealers are trying to sell a maximum of cars, at the same time getting rid of the remnants of cars of the year that have accumulated in warehouses.However, who knows, maybe it will be more profitable to postpone the purchase until next year?

So, January is a period of consistently low demand for cars. In order to attract customers who have spent on gifts and trips, at the same time, trying to sell off last year’s cars whenever possible, dealers organize attractive promotions:

  • Free options, such as: expensive at other times electrical systems, winter tires ...
  • Pleasant souvenirs, gifts to customers;
  • Favorable conditions for loans and installments.

February - a period characterized by increasing demand. As a result, gifts are less significant than the January ones. However, car dealers will try to sell cars last year with doubled zeal. Without a doubt, January and February is the time when buying a car is quite profitable. March is a period of increasing demand. To attract customers, car dealers organize a variety of promotions:

  • As a gift, summer tires and air conditioning systems are offered;
  • not cheap souvenirs to ladies.

April is characterized by high consumer demand. There are so many buyers that it is not necessary to stimulate sales with the help of discounts and gifts to dealers. May - the situation is the same as in April.Potential buyers in car dealerships are not waiting for any discounts or gifts. June is also a period of constantly high consumer demand.

July - the period when it is better to buy a car in the summer. Due to a slight decrease in consumer demand during the holiday period, car dealers offer small bonuses:

  • Participation in the lottery, where the tour is played.
  • Offer climate control as a gift.

August is usually a period of declining demand. However, in anticipation of a September surge in sales, summer promotions will not be extended. September - a period of high demand, car dealers do not need to stimulate sales. October copies the September situation in the car market, so discounts and gifts are not expected.

November - characterized by high consumer demand. But, in order to transfer the December lines, car dealerships announce attractive offers: winter tires or “winter bags” as a gift. These may be windscreen heating options or winter windshield wipers, etc.

December is a period of high consumer demand. Gifts and discounts, with all the apparent diversity - not significant.However, this is the time when it is profitable to buy a car, because compared with September, prices are much lower.

Knowing the patterns of growth and lower prices for cars, you can easily decide for yourself when it is profitable to buy a car.

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