Where can I buy alunite

Why alunite?

Alunite is a mineral of volcanic origin. Otherwise it is called potassium alum. The homeland of Alunita is Southeast Asia, and at first the crystal was spread here. When using natural alum, which Asians began to use as a means of hygiene, a number of useful properties of this mineral were revealed. It is an excellent natural deodorant, safe to use even for children, ideal for pregnant women, hypoallergenic, safe, has antibacterial properties and helps in the fight against various diseases.
Alunite is successfully used as an after shave, with cold on the lips (herpes), with stomatitis, sore throat and other diseases of the oral cavity, including in the fight against unpleasant smell from the mouth. In addition, the mountain-volcanic crystal relieves irritation after the bites of mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other insects, helps with thrush. In general, the beneficial properties of alunite can be listed for a long time. And it is very simple to use it: before applying the crystal, it is necessary to wet and thoroughly anoint the skin of the armpits (it is noticed that there will be no smell of sweat), the place of the bite, etc. To rinse the throat and treat wounds, you need to pour a small amount of water into a glass or a bowl and dip alunite into it for a few seconds.Alunite is odorless and therefore does not conflict with your perfume.

How and where to buy alunite

Naturally, having learned about alunite, you will want to try it in action and buy it. There are a lot of ways to purchase this wonderful product. For example, there are so many online stores that sell oriental cosmetics, in the assortment of which there is also alunite deodorant. To do this, it is enough to write the keywords “buy alunite”, “crystal deodorant”, “deodorant from alunite”, etc. in the search bar of the browser. And then go through the submitted sites, get acquainted with the price, methods and terms of delivery.The deodorant from alunite is universal, economical, antibacterial. At the same time, it protects from the smell of sweat, stains and does not harm the body, so it can be used without age restrictions.
You can also purchase crystal deodorant and with a good (at least 30 percent) discount. To do this, you need to become a partner of one of the cosmetic companies engaged in the production of alunite-based deodorants: MeiTan, Lizmri (LlizMary), Secrets Lan, Tiande (TianDe). Ask, perhaps, someone you know already is a representative of one of these companies, then it will be much easier for you to become her consultant and purchase products that are much lower than the catalog price. Moreover, in this case, if you wish, you can start your own business and receive income from it.
If your friends do not know anything about these companies, register as an independent partner on the official website of the company. Here you will need to conclude a contract and get a personal number that will allow you to buy products at a discount and sell them at the catalog, receiving from this a profit of up to 50-54 percent.

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