Where do roses grow?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
April 2, 2015
Where do roses grow?

It is unlikely that today you can meet a person who does not like roses. Poets admired this plant, kings presented them to their beloved, and to this day a bouquet of roses is the most luxurious and romantic token of attention to the lady of the heart. However, few people are familiar with the growing conditions of these plants. This article will talk about where the roses grow.

Roses in the natural environment

Under natural conditions, this plant grows in the form of bushes of different heights. If the rose bush is surrounded by stunted plants, then the rose does not tend upward, its bush is down-to-earth, with spreading branches that take up a lot of space around it. In the event that the bush with roses grows on the outskirts of the forest or near the tall bushes of other plants, then the rose itself tends to light, extending its branches. Wild roses grow bushes with small flowers that literally paste over the stem, the number of inflorescences depends on the age of the plant: the older the rose, the more flowers.

Roses in artificial environment

It is easy to guess where the roses grown by people grow.Today the rose is one of the most popular flowers growing in gardens, front gardens and even on home window sills. When planting roses in gardens it is recommended to plant at least four bushes of one sort of flowers nearby. Thus the composition will look more colorful and brighter. It is better to plant flowers in quiet places where they are not threatened by harmful car exhausts and inattentive passersby that can damage the plants. The best option for landing is a lawn. After registration of the garden should protect it with a symbolic fence.

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