Where is the ruby ​​mined?

The delightful color of ruby, exquisite color, amazing shine and high quality leaves no one indifferent! There are many legends and exciting stories about him, so it is not surprising that every woman would like to become the owner of such a precious stone. Since this stone is among the rarest, it becomes even more attractive and charming in the eyes of women. But few people think about its origin and place of extraction, although it is important in its value and quality.

Where is mined ruby ​​in the world

Not every country produces ruby. The most expensive and sought after stones are obtained in Burma, and their peculiarity is an amazing color: deep red with a bluish tinge. For many years it was believed that this is the only location of the ruby. However, in time it was discovered in other countries: Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The advantage of the stone found in these countries is a piercing brilliance that does not tarnish and does not lose strength in any light.

A small amount of ruby ​​is also found in Madagascar, Pakistan, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Colombia and Tanzania. Even in Russia found deposits of this precious stone. For example, in Sigangoy field and in the Urals.

A gemstone obtained in different countries, even with the same treatment, has distinctive features.

After mining, the gems are sent to Thailand, Israel or Europe. There is a qualitative ruby ​​cutting. This process consists in filling glass with voids in the stone, which constitute from 30 to 70% of ruby. The next step is considered “natural healing”, which consists in the removal of mineral inclusions due to heat treatment. After this, “artificial healing” begins, with the help of which all inclusions are removed and the cracks are glued together. The process of cutting a ruby ​​is rather difficult and requires skill, experience and accuracy. The final result is an indicator of the quality and cost of a ruby.

Where is the ruby ​​mined?

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Features of rubies found in different countries

  • Burmese ruby ​​has a "pigeon's color", which makes this stone popular and expensive.
  • The Thai ruby ​​is called Siamese because of its brownish tint. It is very similar in value to the one that is mined in Burma.
  • Rubies, which are found in Sri Lanka, are distinguished by a harmonious combination of red and light shades. As a result, the stone turns out the color of ripe raspberries.
  • Although African rubies are not considered the most valuable, stones mined in Kenya and Tanzania shimmer and change color when light hits.
  • Vietnamese ruby ​​has a purple hue, which makes it special and attractive.

Thanks to such features, as well as the rarity and complexity of the extraction, the ruby ​​is worthy of the name "king of precious stones"! Its presence on the accessory is an indicator of luxury and wealth. It is the ruby ​​that adorns the crowns, wedding necklaces and expensive outfits that fall in love with themselves at first sight.

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