Where to buy a nebulizer?

A broken inhaler. I didn’t notice how my son got a tube from the box and played with sney. In some places, strong creases and there are holes, gnawed his teeth. Where can I buy such a spare part in Ukraine?


If the nebulizer is under warranty, you can try to contact the service center. They must have such components. If not, look for alternative replacement options. For example, if it is suitable in size and diameter, then as an option the tube from the dropper.

You have friends with little children or moms in the yard. Ask them. What did they do, where did they turn when their inhaler broke. Maybe something will advise.

Nowadays, so many young children suffer from blight, bronchitis, laryngitis and other similar diseases that it became necessary to have a nebulizer at home. But the little patients during the treatment can not sit still, everything is interesting for them, including how the device works. Therefore, it often breaks. Spare parts for the nebulizer can be post herehttps://medtehnikalife.com.ua/zap_chasti_k_ingalyatoram/

Pharmacies usually sell nebulizers and parts for them, ask around in your city.

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