Where to give a cat?

Animals always bring warmth and comfort to our homes. But there are situations when the owners for one reason or another have to say goodbye to their beloved pets. And then many people have a question: what to do with an animal? A caring and kind person will definitely think about it, because the domestic beast gets used to the house in which he lives and to his masters. Relocation, while parting with the owner - this is a real stress for the pet, so if you are still firmly decided to find a new place for him, do not take the time and effort to find him.

Quite often, people are looking for new owners for their cats. Let's discuss options for where to give the cat.

Relatives and friends

If you choose a new owner for the cat, then the best option is to offer the pet to your parents, close relatives or friends. First of all, you have been acquainted with these people for a long time, and if among them there is a kind person who loves animals and agrees to accept a cat to his family, you will be calm for the fate of the animal. Take a closer look closer to close people.Perhaps someone is lonely or has long dreamed of a pet? If you find such a person, not only arrange the cat well, but also bring joy to its new owner. In addition, another plus - you can visit your cat, and then you yourself will not miss her much, and she will not suffer without you.

Search through ads

Thinking about where to put a cat, many decide to write ads. This is a good, but risky option. It is good, because many people read the ads, so the chance to quickly find a new owner increases. It’s bad because you can give your little animal to a complete stranger, who may appear to be a good person, and in fact will be cruel and indifferent to the animal. You can also get on dealers animals. Do you want such a fate for your pet?

But still, if you are careful in looking for where to give the cat, you can find a good person who will become a good friend for your pet. What is needed for this? First, take a few different and good photos of the cat. Choose one of the best 1-2 that you place in the ad.Then make an ad text in which you indicate that you are looking for a good host for your cat, indicate the merits of your pet (do not lie, write the truth), and at the end - your contacts. Next to the text, place a photo and print a few ads that hang in public places.

When you start calling, arrange a personal meeting with everyone. You should see the applicants, talk to them, see if any of them can become a good owner for the cat. Take a closer look at the person’s appearance: it’s better to choose a neat and tidy person than with dirty hair in stale clothes. After all, as a person treats himself, he will relate to a cat. Watch how a person talks to you. It is better if he is friendly, open and benevolent. If he is rude, nervous, abrupt, irritable, small objects are constantly twitching, then it is better to look for a new owner. Be sure to ask the person about the following:

  • Why does he want to become the owner of your cat?
  • Did he / did he have any pets? If so, how do they live (in what conditions), what are their character, can they get along with your cat? If so, where are they now and why?
  • If the cat has features and drawbacks, you need to say about it and ask if the person is ready to put up with the pet's weaknesses.
  • What conditions will the cat be kept in? Is it good, is it cozy, will it be comfortable in a new house?
  • How is the new owner ready to take care of the cat? Does he often go home (if rarely, the cat will be very bored), does he have business trips, if so, how long (it is important to find out who and how will care for the cat at this time).
  • Does the person or family members are allergic to cats?

Of course, they can lie to you, and therefore it will be very good if you can come to a potential host at home and see everything with your own eyes and appreciate it. In any case, do not give your pet to anyone, take a responsible attitude to finding the owner.

Internet capabilities

In fact, searching for a host with the help of the Internet is not much different from searching through ads, it’s just that the possibilities to find a good host more quickly. You can make ads in various social networks and forums, you can also find special sites created for placing ads to find new owners for animals.When you are willing to shelter a cat, discuss with them all the points described in the last paragraph, and choose the most suitable person.

Animal shelters

Animal shelter is not the best way to give a cat. This is the same as giving a child to an orphanage. There are many animals there, so attention and affection to all animals is not enough. In addition, it is not known how they will treat your cat at the shelter, whether it will be able to get along with other animals, make friends with someone. People write about the fact that animals in shelters are not kept in very good conditions: they are not sufficiently high-quality and fully fed, sick animals live near healthy ones, etc. Also remember that keeping an animal in a shelter costs money. If you decide to choose this option, do not take the time to search and visit animal shelters. Collect as much information as possible about different shelters, see how and in what conditions the animals are kept, and choose the best. You can search for shelters through the Internet and local media.

And yet, before you look for where to give the cat, think again whether it is worth it.If the problem is that the cat is foul or misbehaves, try to rehabilitate it. If the problem with housing, give it away for a while, until everything is settled, do not give up your pet forever. After all, cats are very much attached to their owners, they miss them, they wait in the evenings from work, they are loyal and faithful little animals.

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