Where to put unnecessary things

The easiest way to part with unnecessary things is to sell them. There are plenty of websites on the Internet where people sell clothes and shoes, not shops, but ordinary people. You can place photos on any portal with free ads. So you clear a place in the closet and at least partially compensate for the money spent on the branded item. A big plus of online sales - buyers from different regions can find out about your product.
You can send the purchase to the addressee by mail. True, it is desirable to require the buyer to prepay. After all, non-binding persons can simply forget to pick up the package on time, and it will return to you. To sell a quality item more expensive, place an ad on an online auction. Rates on the goods can grow so much that you will be surprised. Especially when it comes to vintage dresses, jewelry and accessories.
Arrange a friendly gathering with free distribution of gifts.Do not be greedy: a dress that you can not pull for many years, hardly ever come in handy. But it will be with pleasure to be worn by your best friend or relative. You can offer as an exchange of clothes as entertainment - for your friends, too, unused things were probably lying around. You will arrange such a barter regularly - you can maintain the relevance of the wardrobe and save on shopogolism at the same time.
You will act according to your conscience if you give things to charity. In any city there are orphanages, retirement homes, help centers for children from problem families. In all these institutions will be glad to receive from you material and material assistance. Useful as children's clothing, and adult. Most often, those in need do not have enough winter clothing, good-quality footwear and underwear. Of course, it would be foolish to offer those suffering to heels sandals and crocodile skin handbags. If a seriously ill person lived in your house for a long time, in this center they will be happy with compression garments, bandages, supporting corsets. By the way, such help from you will be gladly accepted even in the church - there they also help poor families.

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