Where to ride a snowboard in Moscow and Moscow region

First on the list is the notorious Kant sports complex. It is located near the metro station "Nagornaya" and it is very easy to get to the mountain directly by public transport. From the subway will have to go only 5-6 minutes. There is a good height difference, but the track is constantly overloaded due to the fame of the complex. Unlike many other places of skiing there is even a lift! The name “Moscow Alps” was fixed in the official promotional materials for the complex.
The second place is occupied by the Zvezdochka ski resort in Orekhovo or what remains of it. Once there was a lift, and night lighting. But now only the mountain remains. At the same time, the place is probably the most picturesque of all in Moscow! Lovers of romance will appreciate the beautiful view from the top of the mountain to the adjacent park. Here the beautiful air and skating remotely resembles skiing in the mountains. You can also get on the subway.From the subway "Orekhovo" will need to walk about 30 minutes.
Do not forget about the highway "Narrow" in Yasenevo. This place is located in the immediate vicinity of Bitsevsky Forest Park. Getting to it is as easy as getting to other points of skiing. We reach the metro station "Yasenevo" and go on foot. At the moment, there is a rental point on the highway and, possibly, lifts are already organized. Skating here will also leave a positive impression.
The next item on our list is the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve. Although there is absolutely no infrastructure for skiing, but there is a beautiful relief. It allows you to enjoy snowboarding. The place will be more interesting for beginners, but the pros build bigiera snow and find something to do. Nice difference between the place - the park and the lack of a crowd on the slopes. The main thing is not to run into a sled or ice house. You can get to the places of skiing from the metro station “Kolomenskaya” or “Kashirskaya”. But on foot with a snowboard will have to go at least an hour.
You can perfectly ride on the Krylatsky hills or in the Filevsky forest park. Here are just great slopes and has its own ski slope.Getting there is also quite convenient. From the subway "Fili" you can go through the forest park and get directly to the places of skiing. There are equipped and not equipped slopes. It is important to note that the elevation changes here are one of the best throughout Moscow.
Smoothly move to the near suburbs. Here an interesting object is the ski slope in Dzerzhinsky. Getting to public transport is not particularly convenient. From the Kuzminki metro station there runs a bus directly to the entrance to the highway. But the track itself is very interesting, the elevation difference is good. Available trajectories for different levels of training.
There is a good ski slope in Podrezkovo. To get to it is quite simple. This can be done by train. At one time there were even cycling competitions.

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