Where to spend the prom

Celebration of the 4th, 9th, and of course 11th grade should be taken as a very serious, memorable holiday, regardless of age. However, do not forget that every age has its own "requirements" for the organization and holding of the prom. However, the main questions that arise for the parents of all graduates are as follows: where to graduate and how to organize it. Let's try to answer these questions taking into account the age characteristics of graduates.

Graduation in primary school

When organizing graduation in elementary school it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  1. The choice of premises. For the celebration of the graduation 4-th class, you can use the school assembly hall or the nearest café, focused on holding children's parties
  2. It is necessary to decorate the room with bright inflatable balls and ribbons. You can make a big poster with photos of children and teachers.

  3. The script must include a variety of scenes, children's poems and songs, some of which can be performed by the graduates themselves.Note that the time of the holiday program should be no more than 40 minutes

  4. At the end of the official part of the graduation ceremony, hold game contests with awarding the winners with various commemorative prizes, certificates and diplomas.
  5. At the end of the graduation holiday in primary school, it is appropriate to hold a sweet tooth.

Remember that the time of graduation in elementary school should not be too long, otherwise children will get tired and lose interest in this event.

Graduation in grade 9

The peculiarity of the prom in the 9th grade - getting a certificate of general education, through which students can choose their further education in school or other educational institutions. Since one part of the students will continue their schooling and the other will leave the school walls, during the graduation one should pay attention to the following:

  1. Determine the number of people willing to participate in this event, because the choice of the room and the scale of the holiday will depend on it
  2. Determine with the budget of the prom. If the budget is small, it can be noted graduation in nature, for example, in a park or forest.If parents allocate enough funds, then the holiday can be organized in a cafe.

Tip: invite a professional presenter, and graduation will be for you and your children an unforgettable holiday for life.

Graduation in grade 11

Graduation for eleventh graders is the most significant event in their lives. Therefore, it is necessary to approach it very carefully. For this you need:

  1. Decide on a celebration budget. After all, the choice of the whole program of the event will depend on it.
  2. In advance choose a room and book it
  3. Decorate the hall, invite a DJ or lead

  4. Decide on the menu. Particular attention should be paid to the restriction of alcoholic beverages.
  5. Organize a spectacular graduation prom: launch balloons and Chinese lanterns in the sky with the whole class

By the way, as an original entertainment you can use a rented limousine, which with a breeze will drive children through the evening city and solemnly take graduates to a cafe.

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