Where to take energy-saving lamps

Lamps contain up to 5 mg of mercury vapor in their internal structure. If a light bulb is accidentally broken in an apartment, in a trash can or on a common trash can, this will act poisonously on the inhabitants of the house, on the state of living nature. That is why it was originally recommended with the release of such lamps to pass them after working to the points for further industrial disposal.
To recycle the energy-saving light bulb properly, pack it after it burns into its own packaging or another cardboard box, where it will not break. You can wrap several blown lamps in paper and put in one box. Now you need to find points of reception of such lamps in your city.
Not all items accept used light bulbs from individuals. Some exist specifically for taking large batches of non-performing lamps from large enterprises.
In all cities the reception of fluorescent lamps is carried out in the district DESE and REU.For them, special containers with a signature are installed on the territory of such enterprises. If you did not find the container - ask the administration of the company how you can dispose of the lamp. Ecological services of city cleaning are also obliged to accept for recycling not only mercury bulbs, but also used mercury thermometers and disposable batteries.
The problem of delivering and receiving energy-saving lamps and other devices containing mercury has become so serious that in some cities of Russia the district prosecutor's offices of the cities appealed to the courts with a request to organize collection centers for such raw materials by the HOA. In turn, the courts decided the HOA to install containers and collection points for waste lamps. Therefore, you can ask a reasonable question in your HOA, where you can take the lamps that have served in everyday life.

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