Where do tropical forests grow?

Alena Mizintseva
Alena Mizintseva
May 30, 2012
Where do tropical forests grow?

A tropical forest is a kind of forest that has its own unique features. A tropical forest is a forest that is located in warm areas with frequent rains. Seasons here have no differences. The rainforest is always dense, the vegetation is distributed in tiers: tall trees, crowns of the main mass of trees, young trees and shrubs. On each tier there are many species of animals, birds and insects.

Where do tropical forests grow? Warm areas with frequent rainfall are areas near the equator. For example, in Africa, tropical forests are located from the shores of the Gulf of Guinea to the mountains of Cameroon. They also grow along the banks of the Amazon River, which flows into South and Central America. In Australia, rainforests can be found on the Pacific Coast. Also in Asia there are many areas where tropical forests are located: along the valleys of the Ganges; on the islands of Ceylon, Java, Sumatra; on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal and on the Malay Peninsula.

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