Where was the "Beach" filmed?

Natalya Chekanova
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Where was the "Beach" filmed?

The film �The Beach�, filmed in 2000 by D. Boyle, has a lot of fans. Indeed, in our time, more and more people who are tired of the benefits of civilization are looking for �heaven on earth�. Thailand has become such a place for many Russian tourists.

For some time, two more have been added to the most frequently visited islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley (Krabi province). After all, these are exactly the places where the movie �The Beach� was shot, in which the main role was played by L. DiCaprio. There are islands in the Andaman Sea, in Phang Nga Bay, not far from the popular island of. Phuket True, the author of the book A. Garland mentioned an island located in the Gulf of Thailand.

Assessing the interest of tourists, enterprising Thais organize trips there from Fr. Phuket On a motorboat (speedboat) you can reach the islands in 40-50 minutes. There are hotels on Phi Phi Don Island, and Phi Phi Ley is absolutely uninhabited.

The main goal of the trip is Maya Bay (Maya Bay), where the main shooting took place. The filmmakers had to look at about a hundred islands, but stopped on the picturesque Phi Phi Lay. The cost of the trip includes snorkeling (snorkeling, snorkeling and flippers).Clear water, corals and fish leave no one indifferent.

But the scene with a waterfall was filmed in the national reserve Khao Yai, located 175 km north-east of Bangkok.

The islands suffered during the 2004 tsunami, but now everyone can visit the places where they filmed �The Beach�.

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