Which bath is better to install at home?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 29, 2018
Which bath is better to install at home?

When choosing a bath for the home, one should take into account not only the material from which it is made (cast iron, acrylic, steel), but also the type, functionality and size.

A large selection of modern and high-quality options for every taste can be found on jacobdelafon.ru. And to help you decide on a suitable model, then we will briefly talk about popular types of baths and tell you which one is more suitable.

Shower box

A standard bath with a shower is an optimal, comfortable and affordable option for those who live in an apartment or a small house and prefer the classics. This model has a rectangular shape and mostly white shade. You can choose any material you like, optimal for many - acrylic. Do not save on the size (especially if you buy for the whole family) so that everyone can comfortably accommodate in the bath. The model should be quite long and wide.

The improved shower box compared to the above option has a higher comfort.Unusual forms and materials can be combined in it, it can be equipped with additional massage options, innovative shower watering technology, etc. Whichever model you choose: simpler or superior comfort - the shower box will be functional for everyone. In the morning, when there is not enough time, it is enough to freshen up under trickles of water from a watering can, and in the evening you can plunge into a warm and fragrant bath, which will help you to relax before going to bed.

Jacuzzi bath

A chic option for those who love not just "wash in the ambulance," but to have fun and relax in the water. Models are available in different sizes - we recommend choosing more of the ones that are available to you in terms of placement and cost. The hydromassage function can be standard and extended. It includes an electronic or pneumatic buttons. Often, baths with hydromassage equip sound and heat insulation, a system of fast loading, aero massage. All these functions make the model more comfortable and economical to use.

Shower corner

The simple, convenient and compact option consisting of a glass curtain and the pallet. Shower angle set to the wall, pre-lined with tiles. The ideal model for small apartments, villas, hotel or hospital rooms.Wherever a small, modern and comfortable bathroom is required, a shower corner is the best option.

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