Which beast loves the computer the most?

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Which beast loves the computer the most?

In children's riddles you can meet such a question - which beast loves the computer most? If you treat it as a riddle, then the answer is a mouse, it turns out to be a pun, as a result of which part of the computer turns into a beast. Ordinary mice to computers do not feed special love, they are afraid of the noise that a computer produces when working. But larger animals - is another matter.

Animal and computer

Rats are curious animals and are not as cowardly as mice, and they also scratch their teeth all the time, so the most favorite part of the computer in rats is the wires that can be nibbled. It is not known for a delicious braid or for a rich copper taste, but the love of rats for wires is very strong. If a rat and a computer are expensive for you, or at least one of them, make sure that the wires are inaccessible to it, otherwise it may bite with a live cable, and everything will end very sadly.The same trouble with large rodents, for example, with rabbits.

Cockroaches - although formally cockroaches do not belong to animals, but they love computers with all their hearts, if they, of course, have computers. In the keyboard for them are stored up annual stocks of food in the form of various crumbs, grains of sugar and other nutrients of unknown origin. In the system unit is warm, dry and a lot of soft dust - what is not a place for a cozy nest! In general, advice to all computer owners, and especially to those who sometimes have insects in the house, like cockroaches and ants: clean your computer more often.

Cats - but these animals love computers strongly, honestly and disinterestedly. There are many reasons for love. Cats love heat, and computers work with this heat, so a real cat will not deny itself the pleasure of lying on a warm rustling computer. And an open laptop looks like a cozy sofa with a back for a cat, however, it also fits as a heated bed. Separate a cat with a warm computer can only battery. Another reason cats love computers is entertainment. The cat is always ready to help the owner in the game, when he actively crawls with his mouse, defeating the enemies, however, in this case she may consider the mouse to be the enemy.Cats like cursors, even if they are almost inaccessible and elusive, but the process of communicating with them gives cats a lot of pleasure.

Well, the last answer to the question, which beast loves the computer the most, is a man. Especially the one that is called an owl for his lifestyle, and at night he communicates with the computer, as with his best friend.

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