What city is better to live in?

There are circumstances that make many people wonder which city is better to live in. This may be a forced relocation or a desire to change your life, to start it again, but in a new place. This question is quite simple, but it is definitely impossible to answer it. Someone is looking for more opportunities for their own development or business promotion. Someone is looking for fabulous money, wages. There are those who just want peace and tranquility, pure nature. Or vice versa - online noise, fun and rhythm.

Pluses of big cities

If you are faced with the question of which city is better to live in, and you are going to buy an apartment in the city, pay attention to the possibilities. Before you open new benefits and roads. If you are a student, then Moscow is, of course, the ideal place to choose an educational institution. Everyone can find their vocation here, because the choice of universities, colleges and schools is incredibly huge.

If you are attracted to architecture, you want to have more space, as well as meet a lot of talented people, Peter is your city.Yes, it can be noted that the bustle of the metropolis may be boring, but St. Petersburg is quite a sedate city. Judging by the reviews, the residents of this city, as well as those who were asked the question of which city you would like to move to, answer unanimously - Peter.

There are many opportunities for a person to start his own business, to earn capital if he lives in a big city. The wage of the megalopolis is always greater than in small cities.

Cons of big cities

There are downsides to big cities. First of all, it is dirt and smog. Ecology leaves much to be desired, since there are many plants and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and there is almost no concern for the preservation of nature. Many homeless people, as well as people of dubious moral qualities. Large crime rate, lack of silence.

Pluses of small cities

If you decide which city to move to live in order to be quiet, calm, you need to choose not so large and central cities. Nobody talks about the outback, according to surveys, 70% of the population would like to live precisely away from traffic jams and excessive noise. For example, the cities that are mentioned most often are Podolsk, Perm, cities on the Ox, in particular Rybinsk.Yes, even though these places are not small cities, and some of them are real business centers, the nature in them is better, the air is cleaner, and the people are friendlier.

Lack of noise, a lot of natural beauty, fishing, forests and fields. In order to raise a child without fear for his health, such cities are simply the perfect place. There are less homeless people, crime.

Cons of small cities

Before you decide on which city to move to live, think about the disadvantages. Although a small town is good for raising a child, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to choose a suitable university in accordance with all preferences. Often, a person leaves to study, and then earn money in central, big cities. There are practically no opportunities for development in small cities. Work is limited to a specific field of activity.

For a person who wants to see the world, famous people, there are more opportunities in the megalopolis. In addition, entertainment and diverse leisure activities in small towns cannot be found in the quantity in which they are concentrated in a big city.

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