Which is better - LCD or LED?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
December 4, 2012
Which is better - LCD or LED?

Modern technologies are developing so quickly that the user is sometimes unable to keep up with the latest technology. Not so long ago, televisions and monitors with a telescopic system began to be abruptly replaced by liquid crystal technology. The question of what is better - LCD or LED, you need to answer, first of all, having understood their structure and structure.

LCD screens are arranged on the principle of the shutter in the cameras. The crystals transmit light or delay it. The crystals themselves do not give their own light. Therefore, in such screens, the backlight is necessary, for which LCD or LED-technology is responsible.

Difference of LCD and LED screens

It is worth noting immediately that LED screens achieve much better color reproduction quality than their LCD counterparts due to the backlight device. Thus, in LCD devices, one cold cathode lamp illuminates the entire screen, and sometimes this leads to dimming of one or another area. In addition, the color spectrum is distorted, since liquid crystals cannot block the light that gives one illuminating cathode.For example, black on such a screen will appear dark gray.

LED screens are arranged in such a way that multiple LEDs actively highlight the necessary zones, which improves the brightness and contrast of the image. There are a lot of LEDs, which allows you to control the contrast and brightness, especially for models with backlighting behind the screen.

Another major advantage of LED screens is their economy and low power consumption. In addition, the use of LEDs has significantly reduced the thickness of the screen. This is especially true of models in which the side lights.

In the question of what is better - LCD or LED, one can not but consider the greater environmental friendliness of LED screens. The absence of elements such as mercury, gallium and arsenic in the device makes such screens safer for human health.

Thus, if you still think which is better LCD or LED-screen prefer, then you should choose the latter option. As you now know, it has high-quality color reproduction, reduces energy consumption and is safe for health.

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