Which timing belt is better?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
April 8, 2013
Which timing belt is better?

Many people mistakenly believe that drive belts installed in auxiliary units and timing belts are the simplest and most understandable parts of a car. However, such simplicity is deceptive: high-quality modern belts are manufactured using exclusively patented technologies and are able to withstand a great deal. But, let's see, is it worth paying for the quality and which timing belt is better in the end?

Choose a belt

  1. First, let's outline the criteria by which we will determine whether a good belt or not. In principle, it is quite simple: a quality belt should not only maintain its performance during the entire period of service and, of course, not be torn, but, if possible, should not yield to stretching more than necessary. But such for an elastic part made of "rubber" is very difficult, especially considering the load on the belt. What if the timing belt suddenly breaks? Alas, the consequences in this case can be very unpleasant.There are quite frequent situations when, as a result of a belt breakage due to wear or factory marriage, the car owner had to subject the engine of his car to an expensive overhaul.
  2. If you prevent the tearing of the belt from wear, it is more or less clear - it is necessary to replace it in time, taking into account the service life declared by the manufacturer. How to protect yourself from buying defective auto parts is, of course, a serious question. Today, every auto parts store provides customers with a huge number of belts options - from expensive parts of famous brands to low-priced products without any “identification marks”. But whether the high price guarantees the same high quality is not clear. To find uncompromising quality at an affordable price, look for timing belts from European manufacturers. Technicians and designers of foreign companies are very careful in choosing timing belts and prefer products made from optimal materials.
  3. If you do not know which firm of the timing belt is best suited for your car, then give preference to those belts, the production of which is carried out by the same company as your car brand.Also, Gates' timing belts are famous for their high popularity and quality today.

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