Who is recommended for cesarean section

Medical indications

A planned cesarean section is prescribed for those pregnant for whom delivery by the vaginal route is dangerous or impossible. The need for emergency surgery may arise during childbirth, for example, if the correct presentation of the fetus suddenly changes. A caesarean section, at the request of the mother itself, is also performed, but for a fee.
A planned operation is necessary if the fetus is large, and the pelvis of the mother is too narrow. Often the wrong presentation of the child or the position of the placenta interferes with natural childbirth. They are also dangerous for mothers with large uterine myomas, heart defects, diabetes, with the risk of retinal detachment or rupture of unhealed surgical sutures of a previous operation.
And with dangerous infections (herpes, genital infections, HIV, etc.), the child is at risk of infection from the mother. Without cesarean section is usually not enough if twins or triplets are born, as well as in vitro fertilization.
It is very important how active labor activity pregnant. If she is not physically hardened, her contractions are weak, there is a high risk of asphyxiation (choking) in a child. When childbirth is delayed for a long time, it is necessary to urgently make a cesarean section. It is also shown if the child’s heart rhythm is too fast. It happens that the placenta exfoliates from the uterus prematurely, causing severe bleeding. Then natural childbirth is also excluded.
After cesarean section, they are possible in two years, when the injured uterus finally heals. But all the same, it is often necessary to have an operation again, after which the doctors no longer recommend giving birth.
Since pregnancy in the healed uterus is very dangerous, many experts believe that a woman with more than two or three cesarean sections should not be allowed. Moreover, each subsequent operation is more difficult for the child, for the parturient, and for the obstetrician-surgeon.

Benefits of Caesarean section

Most importantly, thanks to this operation, the child is born alive and with minimal injuries. The operation allows you to safely avoid the risk of many complications in the newborn.For example, his head is not deformed, as is usually the case when moving through the birth canal.
Mother avoids strong generic stress. She has minimal damage to the pelvic tissue, does not stretch the vagina, there is no need for stitches in the perineal area. In addition, the possibility of hemorrhoids, the omission of the pelvic organs is excluded.
Finally, during the planned operation of the mother, the date of birth of the child is accurately known. Therefore, you can not worry about the risk of postponing for several weeks longer than the prescribed period of birth.

Implications for the mother

When caesarean section can not exclude the risk of injury to blood vessels, intestines, bladder. Infections make it easier to enter the uterus or urinary tract. There may be severe bleeding, if you can not stop them, you have to remove the uterus.
Due to the difficult postoperative condition of the mother, her first contact with the newborn in the delivery room is often impossible, which is extremely important for both psychologically and emotionally. Subsequently, thrombosis of the legs or lungs may develop in the pregnant woman. And in general, the body recovers longer than vaginal delivery.

Implications for the child

Physical injuries are extremely rare with caesarean section. Much less often and hidden neurological injuries of the tender cervical vertebrae, which babies usually receive when advancing along the birth canal.
But children born through surgery have a significantly higher risk of developing respiratory apparatus diseases, which can be complicated later by bronchial asthma. Among them are more allergic. Many of these children are more likely to become obese and may become diabetic in the long term.

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