Who is the old age

Why is it so called

It is believed that the woman's body is fully ripe and ready for childbirth at the age of 18-22 years. This period is recognized as ideal for the first birth. A woman is full of strength and health, her body is strong and young, and pregnancy is not a disease, but it involves serious stress and hormonal fluctuations, and experts believe that it is at this age from a physiological point of view that he is most optimally able to cope with the task of carrying and the birth of a child.
But for a person not only physiological factors of readiness for motherhood are important, but also social ones. As a rule, girls under 23 years of age have set themselves slightly different tasks: to get an education, to find a good job, to start moving up the career ladder in order to have a stable material base for future life by middle age.
Both the creation of a family and the birth of heirs are increasingly being postponed to the age over 30 years. The first birth after 40 years is also no longer puzzling. Modern doctors can not ignore this, and if a couple of decades ago, a woman after 25 years called a “old-aged” woman, then today this term is applied to those over 30.

Pluses of late motherhood

And indeed, it is logical to think about family and children, when there is already where to live, there is something to support the family, to educate children, and experience in the workplace has been gained, authority has been gained - it’s not scary to go on decree. A woman feels confident and socially protected.
In addition, psychologically she is ready not only to pay attention to herself, her needs, development. She already has the life experience and knowledge that she can and wants to pass on to her child. The thirst for something new, characteristic of youth (and 18–20 years old is still youth) is satisfied, and having taken place as an individual, a woman wants to fulfill her main purpose - to become a mother.
It is noticed that the “adult” mothers differ from the younger ones in a more serious attitude towards motherhood: they often think about the development of their child, try to apply various pedagogical techniques, use methods of development and training from the first months of a baby’s life. At the same time, they are more self-confident, do not panic when they experience any problems related to the health and development of the child.They already have the skill of setting and solving problems, and they successfully apply it in a new role.

Risks of late delivery

Of course, a woman after 30 is still young, and if she took care of her body, the risks are not too great. But nevertheless, the later the woman decides to give birth to the first-born, the more factors she must take into account.
The organism is no longer as young as at the age of 20, chronic, and any other postponed diseases, make themselves felt. It is more difficult for him to reorganize for carrying a child and mobilize during childbirth, as well as recover from them.
After 35 years, the likelihood of fetal abnormalities increases, even if the woman is generally healthy and has no bad habits. The risk of ectopic and missed abortion also increases, unfortunately.
The likelihood of multiple pregnancy increases with the presence of predisposing hereditary factors.
Complications may also occur during childbirth: poor labor, fetal hypoxia as a result of late gestosis. As a result, natural childbirth has to be abandoned and resorted to cesarean section surgery.
But still thinking about the bad is not the wisest thing a woman can do when she dreams of a child, no matter how old she is.Complications may also occur in an absolutely healthy young woman, and the "old-aged" will endure and give birth without problems. Everything is individual, and doctors warn only about a general trend based on statistical data. If a woman has decided to give birth, it is better to think about how to minimize possible negative factors, and believe that everything will be fine. And then the likelihood that she will become a happy mother of a healthy baby increases many times over.

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