Who plays in the interns?

The series "Interns" can be safely called the phenomenon of modern domestic television. Most of the serials being created are usually “soap operas”. That is why they are popular either among very young girls, or among women of respectable age.

"Interns", perhaps, is the first Russian TV series, which is really popular with viewers of all ages. Written with humor, the script, an amazing game of actors and well-designed characters - this is the guarantee of a successful series. And the more popular the series becomes, the more people want to know who plays in the Interns of this or that character and who writes the scripts and works in the crew.

main characters

  • Bykov Andrey Evgenievich. The head of the therapeutic department, satrap and despot, terrorizing the interns with his tasks. This role is brilliantly performed by Ivan Okhlobystin, who is in fact a wonderful person, a caring husband and a loving father.
  • Chernous Varvara Nikolaevna. A young and pretty girl who chose the difficult profession of a doctor and undergoing internship under the guidance of Bykov. Plays Varvara Nikolaevna Christina Asmus.The girl is one of the four interns more diligently and mentally developed than her other colleagues.
  • Lobanov Semen Semenovich. Perhaps the most colorful character from all four. The brilliant game of the actor makes the viewers unwittingly wonder who plays Lobanov in the interns. The character, played by Alexander Ilyin, is a typical Russian peasant. Yes, perhaps he is not very clever as a doctor, but as for everyday wisdom and cunning, it’s all about Lobanov. Sometimes too rude, but fair, Lobanov is a good friend and loving husband.
  • Romanenko Gleb Viktorovich. Another intern, protege and son of the head physician of the hospital. Gleb - a typical representative of the "golden youth". He likes fashion parties, beautiful girls and nightclubs, and he only got to the hospital at the insistence of his mother. Romanenko plays Ilya Glinnikov.
  • Levin Boris Arkadevich. Perhaps the smartest of all interns. In the first season, the typical “bot” Levin was the object of ridicule, not only of Bykov, but of all the other interns. But having received an invitation for an internship in America, this young man lost his nose to everyone. Dmitry Sharakois is a charming and likeable young man who skillfully transforms into abstruse Levin on the screen.
  • Richards Phil. The perfect man and the perfect doctor.Instead of Levin, Phil came from America, taking fourth place in the internship. A nice guy, a talented doctor, who speaks good Russian, still gets the butts from the head of the department. Many are wondering who plays Phil in interns, is he American or Russian, imitating a good accent? This is Land Byron, an American actor who has mastered the complex Russian grammar.
  • Kupitman Ivan Natanovich. Head of the Venereology Department and Bykov's best friend in combination. The role of a Jew who loves to drink expensive alcoholic beverages is performed by Vadim Demchog.
  • Kisegach, Anastasia Konstantinovna. The chief physician of the hospital and Bykov's mistress. Svetlana Kamynina performs this role.
  • Skryabina Lyubov Mikhailovna. Head nurse of the hospital, Luba. Charming pampushka, who knows all the gossip, and do not mind talking. Nevertheless, Lyuba is a valuable and responsible worker. Playing her Svetlana Permyakova.

Secondary characters

But this is not all who play in the series "Interns". Actors are also invited to play the roles of the sick and relatives, sometimes even quite famous ones. So in the series you can see Edgard Zapashny, Maxim Averin, Sergey Badyuk, Sergey Zhukov, Alexey Agopyan, Alexander Lenkov and Lyudmila Chursinu.

If you are interested in those who played Otradnov in the "Interns", then you should refer to the first season. In the episode where Levin decided to part with Anyone, he first wanted to try everything on someone. For this, he chose a patient in a coma. When the patient, who was playing the now lost Anatoly Otradnov, woke up, he turned out to hear everything and thought that it was a dream.

Film crew

  • Scenario. The author of the idea is Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, who graduated from the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy. Jokes and scenes in the series - from his own internship. Also in the creation of scenarios involved former KVN-schiki and other graduates of medical universities.
  • Directors. The director of the first season was Evgeny Nevsky. In the second season there were three directors: Eugene Nevsky, Milan Kilibarda and Radd Novikov. For the third season, which is being filmed at the moment, Radda Novikova’s candidacy was approved.
  • Production. Filming takes place in the pavilion, which was specially built on the territory of “My Studio” LLC for the TV series “Interns”. It is curious that all the drugs and equipment in the series are real. They are either written off or rented.Even the cognacs in Kupitman's office are real, but tinted tea is used for filming, because sometimes the scene is removed from several takes.

The creators of the series do not deny that in many respects there are similar lines with “Doctor House” and “Clinic”. But nevertheless, the series is very successful.

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