Who suffers from myopia

In people suffering from myopia, the eyeball is increased in size. This leads to the fact that the image is projected in front of the retina, and not on its surface. Myopia can be congenital. If it is acquired, it usually appears at the age of 6 - 12 years, but may occur later or begin to progress. The causes of acquired myopia and its progression can be a large strain on the eyes or an incorrectly chosen vision correction at the first signs of the disease.
About eight hundred million people suffer from myopia with varying degrees of severity. These are both adults and children. According to statistics, every third person has vision problems, but as a rule, it does not greatly affect the capabilities of a person, since this defect can be corrected with glasses or lenses. It happens that myopia is developed very strongly and requires surgical intervention. If no action is taken, the eyeball can increase in size throughout life, respectively, the vision will become worse and worse.
Myopia develops for several reasons: hereditary predisposition, overexertion or weakening of the eye muscles, excessive strain on the eyes, brain injury. Ophthalmologists divide myopia into several degrees of disease severity: weak (up to 3.0 diopters), moderate (from 3.25 to 6.0) and high (more than 6 diopters). A high degree of myopia can reach significant values: 15, 20 and even 30 diopters.
It is important to identify vision problems in time. From early childhood, it is necessary to undergo examination by an oculist, and when eyesight problems are detected, correct them in a timely and competent manner. It is very important to observe the rules for maintaining vision: monitor the lighting of the workplace, alternate work and rest, do a special set of exercises for the muscles of the eyes, which improves blood circulation in the eye tissues.
Most often, myopia is affected by people who sit at a computer or in front of a TV for a long time, read in a moving vehicle or in poor lighting, as well as those who have problems with posture. Vision, which is not in a neglected state, can be restored on its own through exercise and proper lifestyle.But if myopia has reached a high degree of severity, then surgical treatment will be the only way to fully restore lost eye health.

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