Why are women in the zealous fools and do not see themselves at all

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Answered on January 26, 2015 05:58
Oh, I agree, there are some fools) And they do all sorts of terrible things in a fit of jealousy, because they do not control themselves. There are many female proprietors by nature, who directly "clung" to their men and are jealous of each pillar. This, of course, jealousy is unhealthy, and it does not lead to anything good. A person is blinded by jealousy, he generally simply does not think about what he is doing, and claims start from scratch, yells, screams, sometimes it comes to beating. If there is a direct jealousy, and for no apparent reason, there is something wrong with the person or she does not trust you very much. Another thing is when there is a reason and jealousy does not appear much - rejoice, this means that you are not indifferent to you :)
Answered on January 26, 2015 14:10
Not everyone is like that.

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