Why clean, if you can emphasize: stretch marks on the body turned into a new trend

Instead of trying to reduce stretch marks with the help of various creams and plastic surgeries (nowadays this is the norm), the 21-year-old Spanish artist and teacher turns stretch marks into works of art.

As the artist herself says, “It all started a few months ago when I began to paint my own skin and my own stretch marks. Then I did the same on six other female bodies. Every time we talked about our own stories, and they always liked the end result. I use different types of paints, but mostly tempera, which is a bit like acrylic. It stays on the body for several hours. "

“I want this art to show and resist the pressure that women are subjected to, not meeting the“ norm ”. We have to admit that there are different types of bodies, and each body is beautiful.Stretching is a reality; we have to show them.

This idea was picked up by all the women of the world, and most of them embody the idea into reality. Cinta Tort Cartro herself notes that her activities were not in vain if she helped to feel confident with at least one woman with stretch marks.

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