Why did they introduce a dress code in parliament

Deputies almost unanimously voted for the introduction of business style clothing. However, the resolution did not specify what exactly constituted a business style and how exactly it was necessary to dress to be able to get to the meeting of the legislative council.
Vitaly Milonov especially emphasized that if a deputy comes to a meeting of the legislative assembly not dressed according to the protocol, he has the right not to be allowed to work. According to Milonov, deputies, journalists from accredited media and staff members are required to attend official events in business suits.
At the same time, the head of the committee gave a vivid example that Jacques Chirac never gave the floor to journalists without a tie. Milonov also noted that in the cultural capital, it would seem, this issue does not require discussion. But it has to be raised, as there were cases when people's deputies came to the meeting of the legislative assembly in T-shirts, jeans, sneakers or in open slippers. Journalists are accustomed to visit the Mariinsky Palace in what will have.
34 deputies voted for the adoption of the resolution. The opposition, as always, was against such a decision. Opposition members believe that the consideration of such frivolous questions distracts parliamentarians from solving more important cases.
Despite the statements of the opposition, the decree on the introduction of the dress code was made. From June 21, the Mariinsky Palace can be visited only in business suits. Those who break this rule will be removed from the courtroom. Journalists may be deprived of accreditation if they continue to observe their free style, without obeying general requirements.

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