Why do not come sms?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 20, 2014
Why do not come sms?

If you are waiting for a long text message, but it is not there, you should think about why SMS do not come. There can be many reasons: from network congestion to problems with a SIM card or mobile device. Consider all the details.

Sms-message may not come for various reasons:

  • operator network congestion;
  • filling the phone memory;
  • problem with the sim card or the phone itself;
  • setting a ban on incoming SMS;
  • Incorrect SMS service settings in the phone;
  • wrong number to which SMS is sent;
  • insufficient funds.

Operator network congestion

During peak hours and holidays, when the network of cellular operators is especially overloaded, SMS messages may not arrive on time. The only thing that can be advised in this situation is to wait a bit, and the SMS will come, albeit with a delay.

Filling phone memory

Very often the reason for the lack of the necessary SMS is the full memory of the phone with various information.If you delete several text messages or any unnecessary information, all messages will immediately come. Many phone owners do not pay attention to this factor.

The problem with the SIM card or the phone itself

If you doubt the health of your mobile device or SIM card, then it is worth checking out. Move the SIM card to another phone, and if the messages come, then the problem is with the mobile device, if not - with the card.

Setting a ban on incoming sms

Basically, the ban on incoming sms is installed on corporate numbers. If you have a private number, contact your operator and ask him to remove the ban from your number.

Incorrect SMS service settings in the phone

If you do not receive messages for a long time, check the SMS service settings in the phone. To do this, go to "Settings" and select "Messages".

For more information on setting SMS message parameters, see the article How to set up SMS.

Wrong number

In order to receive SMS from friends and relatives in time, it is necessary to record the number correctly. There are cases when your interlocutor sent you a message, but made a mistake in just one digit. So the message will not come.

Insufficient funds

It should be noted that this problem does not affect the reception of SMS messages. Previously, for this, a certain amount of money should have been in the account. Now SMS come regardless, there are funds on the account or not.

If you constantly receive alerts about unread messages, disable them.

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