Why does white plaque appear on the tongue in adults?

White plaque on the tongue can appear in any person. This is due to the constant change in the microflora of the oral cavity, in which there are various microorganisms and bacteria. They contribute to the change of color of the language.

White plaque on the tongue in adults can appear for many reasons. Some of them can have negative consequences and are associated with the appearance of certain diseases, while others are the result of bad habits and poor oral hygiene and do not cause much harm to the human body.

Diseases that cause white on the tongue

1.  Various lesions of the tongue itself: stomatitis, glossitis, candidiasis.

2.  Diseases of the internal organs associated with the digestive system: gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, stomach cancer.

3.  Other dangerous diseases: diseases of the heart and lungs, disorders of the kidneys and liver.

4.    Infectious diseases: angina, diphtheria, dermatosis, scarlet fever, HIV, dysentery.

In all these cases, the appearance of white bloom on the tongue is permanent and is almost impossible to remove and clean off. Its texture has a bright pronounced color and greater thickness. With such diagnoses, you must consult a doctor. To begin the examination with a dentist to completely eliminate the presence of lesions of the mouth and tongue. Then you can take the tests and conduct an examination with other doctors: a therapist, a gastroenterologist, and so on. After establishing the correct diagnosis, treatment can begin, due to which the white coating on the tongue will completely disappear.

The areas of white bloom on the tongue may also indicate the presence of certain diseases in the human body.

If white plaque is in the central part of the tongue, this is due to the appearance of various malfunctions of the stomach, in particular gastritis and ulcers. If the plaque has a rather fine texture, then the disease is in its infancy.

If plaque formed on the sides of the tongue, it means that it is a precursor of lung diseases, as well as various urological diseases, in particular nephritis.

If the plaque is at the base of the tongue, it means that a large amount of toxins in the intestine has accumulated in the body, and the kidneys also do not work well.

If plaque is located in the middle part of the tongue, the liver or pancreas fails.

If white bloom on the tongue has a subtle texture and light color, then you should not worry too much. Especially if after a certain time it passes. This can lead to various bad habits (smoking, alcohol), poor oral hygiene and effects on the language of certain foods. All these problems can be solved independently, without the help of a specialist.

First, you need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Secondly, brush your tongue daily with your teeth. Thirdly, try to exclude those foods that may cause the formation of plaque, namely, various sweets and dairy products.

In any case, when a white raid appears on the tongue, one should not panic, but one should calmly establish the reason for its appearance. And only after that should begin the correct treatment.

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