Why dream dirty floor: the interpretation of sleep

To understand what dreams dirty floor in the house, it is necessary to study the interpretations of famous dream books. This dream can foreshadow both getting rid of problems and difficulties in relations with relatives.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Seeing a dirty floor means that you will be plagued by suspicions about a loved one or business partner.

What dreams of dirty floor - depends on who sees the dream. For a free girl, such a dream predicts a quick marriage, but if she sees in a dream that the sex in the future husband’s house is too dirty, there may be problems with his parents and a misunderstanding on their part.

Female dream book

If you see dirt on the floor in the service, it speaks of fatigue, unwillingness to work, perhaps difficulties in relations with the authorities.

Wash the floor, clean the house - a vision predicts the speedy disposal of problems that have been disturbing you lately. If in a dream you cannot for some reason wash the floor or dirt too much and do not wash off - this is a warning that you need to take health more seriously, you urgently need rest.

Gypsy dream book

Revenge sex in a dream for a gypsy dream book - you can overcome some family problems.

To see dirt on the floor in a house or apartment and not to clean it up - to anxieties, quarrels with relatives, and quarrels will be associated with material problems.

Careful cleaning of the floor in a dream can also foreshadow the imminent appearance of guests from afar, whose arrival will be a surprise for you.

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