Why dream of fishing?

Your dream was marked by a large catch, or dreamed that the fish fell off the hook. Or maybe the dream was in no way connected with fishing, but did the fish clearly appear in it? Our dream books will help to understand the value of fish in a dream.

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Why dream of fishing in a dream?
Why dream of fishing in a dream?

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

So, you dreamed a fish. At all times to see in a dream this image for a woman foreshadowed an early pregnancy, and if you are already in an interesting position and you have a dream about fish, then expect a good resolution from the burden. But if the expecting child dreamed of a dead fish, you should take care of your health, since this image foreshadows a miscarriage.

Fresh fish signifies pleasant surprises, dried promises you a joyful celebration, crawl fish in your sleep - unfortunately, your well-being will be shaken, due to some mistake you made. If you eat smoked fish in a dream, then beware of enemies, they prepare a meanness towards you. Through the image of frozen fish, your subconscious hints that it’s time to deal with things that are left all the time for last.And such a dream can symbolize a disease that will become chronic or slow down the development of any of your business, especially love affairs.

Saw only the fish head - this is a good sign, especially for love relationships, but also it promises the improvement of business relations. If you dreamed of an aquarium with fishes, then for non-family girls this means getting a wedding offer, and for business people - good deals. And if such fish jump out of their container, then this is a hint of a change of scenery.

Russian people's dream book

Splashing in the water, fish foretells you a very troublesome thing, catching big fish in a dream - you will be lucky if you just look at an aquarium with fish - this is a sign that while it is better to stick to a third-party position, and not interfere in any thing.

English dream book

To fish in a dream is not a good sign, it symbolizes a lot of trouble that awaits you. Or maybe you just want to “catch” someone for your own purposes.

If you dream of a lot of ready-made fish that you eat with appetite, this means that you are confident, and good luck will accompany you in business.

If you had a dream in which you had to fish with your hands, but it escapes from your hands - to mark the loss of someone's proximity.

Female dream book

Fish dream to happy love relationship.

The newest dream book

Why dream of fishing for a woman by this source? Again - for pregnancy. And if such a man dreams, it promises him a revision of the direction of thoughts. In general, the fish symbolizes the onset of time when you need to go to your goal, but only if there is an opportunity for its implementation. If you are in a dream doing jerking fish, then attend to your health, if you eat dried fish you will fall into melancholy.

East Dream

To catch fish in a dream for a woman means motherhood, and if the fish fell off the hook - trying to get pregnant will be unsuccessful.

Icelandic Dream Book

To see a fish in the sea - to poverty, but if the fish you saw was huge, or it was a large sea animal, for example, a whale, then a profit is waiting for you.

Italian dream book

In a dream, eat fish - in life you will find an increase in your credibility. Rotting fish - the image of the subconscious, through which goes your attitude to the other sex.Sick or dead fish (or fish) - your immunity is deteriorating, watch your health more carefully. To fish in a dream to a man means the desire to rest, to shift some of his problems to someone.

Mythological dream book

You saw a fish in the dream in the distance - expect to travel to distant lands, if the fish swallowed you - something unusual is waiting for you, as well as success.

Family Dream

I dreamed of a fishing net - a pleasant acquisition, but if the net is tattered, then this promises you annoyance in life. See how someone catches fish - you can take advantage of favorable circumstances in their favor. Resilience in overcoming problems - this is what dreams of catching a fish.

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