Why dream shoes

Have you ever seen shoes in a dream? This dream can be a harbinger of good change or improved well-being. But how it is interpreted by various snolkovateli.

Modern dream book

Shoes polished to shine promise a good turn of events in various affairs. Also, a dream is predicting the enjoyment of an upcoming event. Dreamed shoes covered in mud, in reality, are predicting the appearance of detractors.

To dream of new shoes - to receive quick profits.

Shoes, in which the laces were unleashed in the dream, predict quarrels, troubles and health problems.

Lost in a dream shoes prophesy loss, separation, divorce.

If a single man saw in a dream that he had been given home shoes, he would soon marry. A married lady with such a dream in reality will have to obey the will of her husband.

Dream interpretation Hasse

In the dream, I had to buy shoes - one of the spouses would subjugate the other.

To accept shoes in the form of a present - in reality, to provide a necessary and important service.

Walking in shoes in a dream - to inner peace.

Female dream book

Newly acquired shoes promise wonderful changes.

Shoes in the mud and torn warn that you will soon have ill-wishers, because you criticize people too much.

Black shoes promise a great deal of business and a favorable event.

In the dream, shoes were lost - expect to break with the second half.

When a young girl on her legs in a dream saw her heels - she should not be too trusting, you should try to examine a stranger before contacting him.

If you had a dream where someone stole shoes, but there are stockings on your feet - this means that if you lose one, you will find something more valuable.

Family dream book

Dreaming shoes standing in a shop window predict a grand conflict.

Trying shoes promises to quarrel with family and friends.

Buying shoes for a child promises good news.

If in a dream you had to walk in shoes that turned out to be backwards, expect an immediate quarrel with the second half. Such a dream, dreamed from Wednesday to Thursday, prophesies injustice.

Dream interpretation Miller

Shoes are stained with dirt and ripped dream to the appearance of enemies.

New shoes promise significant changes for the better.

Squeezing shoes tell you the vulnerability to those who wish to mock your other half.

When it happened to lose shoes - you have to break a long relationship with a partner.

When you saw shoes with laces untied, wait for scandals, diseases and losses.

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