Why is the cheat visits to the site

Why do you need cheat

Most often, cheating site traffic is used to report to the customer. For example, a webmaster took an order to create a site and a set of traffic for a certain time +1000 visitors. The site is created, and attendance is not recruited by a certain date. In this case, the administrator can only wind up visitors to rehabilitate himself in front of the advertiser and get paid for the execution of the order.
What is the webmaster here is misleading the customer? The fact that the visitors are not targeted, that is, they are not interested in the content of the site. It often happens that the customer himself is not particularly versed in many of the intricacies of the craft and simply requires its administrator to promote the site or traffic. The administrator, without particularly straining, winds up the attendance and shows statistics to his boss.And then for a job well done, it gets guaranteed pay. Here are just returns from the site will not.
Another way to cheat is for profit. An affiliate program requires a lot of targeted visitors, and in fact they are not enough. With the help of cheating creates the illusion of a large number of real visitors. After that, you can place ads from the affiliate program on the site, and then create tasks for special projects, on which real people will click on this advertisement, supposedly she really interested them.

Results cheating

At least a little versed in the administration of sites, the customer will be able to suspect fraud by requesting access rights to the site counter before entering into a contract for advertising. Here, almost immediately you can see that the entire �unique� audience comes to the site from one address.
If cheat is used for profit, you should not heavily wind attendance, no more than twice the actual number of visitors. Independent attendance counters easily detect cheating and lower site statistics, and can also send a site to the �ban� for a while.
The main requirements for getting traffic to the site - is the placement of unique content and interesting targeted articles, plus a beautiful original design. In addition, links to your website should be placed on external resources. With a little more time and effort, you can get real target visitors, bring the site to the top of the search engines and have a profit from the traffic instead of passing for a fraud.

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