Why do marriages break up? 3 most common causes

And here, on the contrary, young families cannot withstand the difficulties that fall upon them after the wedding, and for this reason they scatter. Cohabitation with parents, early marriages, when the young do not have education and normal work, etc. The young mothers are most often left by the non-independent and unprepared for fatherhood boys. And in older families, the initiator of the divorce is a woman who is dissatisfied with her husband’s earnings.

Well, this is so, by the way, but in general, if we ignore the economic reasons for the breakup of families, the causes of divorce are about the same all over the world.

3 most common causes

Why do marriages break up? 3 most common causes

Reason number 1

Boredom, with all the consequences. Boredom is the killer of love. It was boring - I went on a spree, started drinking, started to play in a casino, etc. Naturally, a long relationship cannot be a permanent holiday.

What to do?

If you suddenly become bored with a partner, start with yourself. Try to do every day something new for yourself and share it with your soul mate.The motto of this company - be surprised and amaze! But in a good sense of the word.

Reason number 2

Disrespect and resentment. Out of dissatisfaction with any actions of a partner, scandals, claims, insults with going to the person and pulling up all the relatives here follow. These terrible feelings can destroy any relationship and arise because of many life conflicts, but you can fight it.

What to do?

You must learn to put yourself in the shoes of your partner and understand him. Even if you have a completely different point of view, try to understand what he feels when you are trying to prove something.

Reason number 3

Violence. Psychological pressure and physical abuse are not so rare in families. I will not write about assault, here everything is clear: in a fit of quarrel he grabbed his arm, neck, pushed or even hit him - one hundred percent physical violence. But many do not even suspect that the actions of their partner are moral pressure. Very often, this leads to the complete dependence of one person on another in the material plane. Regular reproaches, humiliations, prohibitions - all this is moral violence.

What to do?

There is only one way out - to fight.No violence in the family is allowed. And in such cases, divorce is a necessary and justified measure.

Why do marriages break up? 3 most common causes

I did not describe such reasons as gambling addiction, betrayal, sexual dissatisfaction - all this follows from the factors enumerated above. It seems to me that it is worth trying to save any marriage if there is no violence in it. It is necessary to try to agree, especially if the family has children. But you should always remember that playing with only one goal in a relationship is unacceptable. As one great one said: marriages are made in heaven, but there they do not care that they are successful.

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