Why mow repair raspberries in the fall

Warm weather in the second half of summer and in September is favorable for remontant raspberry varieties. But compared with the varieties of ordinary raspberries, it is less susceptible to low temperatures and can continue to fructify until the onset of sustained frost.

Ordinary raspberry varieties in the first year after planting give one-year shoots, and only in the second year begin to branch. A remontant raspberry this whole growth process takes place in one season and at the end of the summer one can get the first harvest.

After the end of fruiting, the question arises: how to prepare the bushes of the repair raspberry for winter?

For this it is best to mow all the plants in the fall to the level of the soil. If this is not done, then it will bear fruit in the summer on the old stems of the last year, and in the fall - on the young ones. Therefore, the autumn harvest will be much less than the summer. Having skewed the remontant raspberry, you can evenly distribute the fruiting shoots for the next year and protect yourself from a number of problems and concerns associated with growing this crop in your backyard.After that, the worries from overwintering plants immediately disappear. They do not need to bend down, tie up or cut in the fall. It will be enough to sprinkle the top with a small layer of peat, humus or sawdust.

Also, beveled repair raspberry will be less susceptible to the effects of various pests and diseases. Most pathogens and insect pests nest on hibernating plant stems. This is another big plus mowing such raspberries.

Nevertheless, every amateur gardener should independently solve this issue and choose the most convenient way for him to prepare remontant raspberries for winter. But, of course, its mowing will solve many problems of growing it and obtaining a bountiful harvest.

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