Why nails turn yellow

In most casesnails�acquire yellowness due to failures in the body and the appearance of diseases. This may be endocrine, cardiovascular and other disorders. Therefore, to get rid of the yellowness of nails, be sure to identify the cause of this problem. Consult your doctor, who will examine you and prescribe treatment.
The characteristic yellowness of the nails may appear from non-compliance with manicure technologies. This cosmetic defect occurs when applying nail polish on the nail plate, but not on the base. For protection against external influences and from coloring pigments contained in decorative varnishes,nails�covered with invisible fatty film. Therefore, to prevent the appearance of yellow nails, apply a base before the varnish.
Most varnishes are made with the addition of nitrocellulose, which makesnails�yellow with prolonged exposure. Refuse to use poor quality or very bright varnish and varnish. Apply it for a period of no more than 3-5 days to provide your nails with gentle care. After removing the coating, take a day break and apply onnails�skin care cream.It is also very useful to make salt baths.
Yellowness on nails may appear from a fungal disease. To check the fungus on the nails or not, dip your fingers in boiled warm milk. Ifnails�brightened, then no fungus. Well, if there is, then you need to consult a doctor for recommendations on the selection of therapeutic agents.
Carefully monitor your health, very oftennails�begin to turn yellow with diseases of the lungs and liver. Be sure to get tested for the identification of such diseases.
The yellow shade of the nails comes from smoking. Also, with this bad habit, yellowing of the tips of the fingers is possible. To cure yellowness, it is necessary to get rid of bad habits.
The appearance of yellowness on the nails may also indicate the manifestation of jaundice in the early period.

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