Why photoshopin magazines humiliates us?

in magazines humiliates us?& description = How does the glossy magazine industry make confectionery from women? & imageUrl = https: //g0.sunmag.me/sunmag.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Kim2.jpg "data-click =" window.open (this.href, this.title, 'toolbar = 0, status = 0, width = 600, height = 500'); return false " data-target = "_ parent" class = "hidden-link addthis_button_ok button button-gray fbokbutton"> Irina Shchapova

By the end of the year, Kim Kardashian, as a symbol of all the absurdity that is created in today's glossy press, prepared for us another news bomb designed to blow up the Internet: the reality star appeared nude for the festive cover of Paper magazine in the spirit of cheap eroticism in men's magazines — in oil, champagne and extremely non-intelligent facial expression. And the Internet really reacted spontaneously, blogs filled with numerous parodies and memes. Craftsmen Photoshop to fame to practice in creative, making Kim sparkling glazed donut, a centaur (an allusion to her outstanding ass), a stripper, jumps out of the garbage cans in the heroine of the animated series "The Simpsons" in a delicious hot dog with sausage ... - and another ten not the most pleasant associations.

But sadly, behind all these exercises, other craftsmen disappeared from the discourse on the bare, glossy Kardashian - those who directly retouched the photo and attached to the massive backside of the heroine of the cover an inhumanly thin waist - one that no real girl can have. Thus, a provocative gesture, innocuous at first sight, from a famous person who sells his appearance more abruptly than any catwalk model (for fun, to demonstrate the designer thing on his replicated forms, Kardashian requests no less than a million!), Turned into an entertaining maneuver for men and humiliating - for women.

Armed with the support of plastic surgeons and masters of Photoshop, Kim Kardashian demonstrated clearly (and this time we saw absolutely everything!) The female body that does not exist in nature as the ephemeral ideal of the glossy industry, which we must strive for through diets, workouts, suspenders, liposuction, massages and everything equally unsuccessfully stuck somewhere in the middle - with depression, insomnia and fifth point, which even after several months of booty workout does not want to be like a balloon stuck to the body.Parody of the photo session of Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine

Parody of the photo session of Kim Kardashian in Paper MagazineParody of the photo session of Kim Kardashian in Paper Magazine

Parody of the photo session of Kim Kardashian in Paper MagazineMeanwhile, the glossy ponchikoobraznaya ass Kim actually blocked a much more important event, which at the end of the year was really worthy to blow up the Internet: the Dutch model Lara Stone shot for System Magazine nude. One might think that we did not see naked models on the pages of the fashionable press ?! But, surprisingly, there are none. 30-year-old Stone posed for these pictures after almost a year and a half after the birth of the child - in natural light, without photoshop, showing an example of a built-in figure far from glossy model standards with real stretches on the chest and without cubes on the stomach.

Accustomed to the fact that the models of Victoria's Secret, like superheroes in a computer game, give birth to children, and two months later they have been marching along the catwalk for two months, the first time you see Lara Stone's photo session in mixed feelings. Is it possible that even a year after the pregnancy the body does not come in shape? Is it possible that in 30 years there may be wrinkles on the forehead? Why do subtle hair look so unattractive in counterlight? These photos provoke a keen desire to first examine Lara’s thoroughly model past as the favorites of French Vogue and make sure thatthat she is unbelievable and very feminine, and then return to this very photo of Jurgen Teller, not a bit retouched and discover for yourself that there is nothing terrible in the transformations of our body, and beauty does not end with wrinkles and stretch marks. Natural, relaxed like a domestic cat and such a real Lara Stone inspires you to really begin to love your body as it is - with small external imperfections and great inner satisfaction with the fact that you are what it is - a woman, and non-glazed donut.

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