Why positive thinking can lead to depression

The world is overwhelmed with a wave of "positive psychology." However, it seems, lifecoups make a huge mistake, forcing people to get rid of negative emotions. Being angry, annoyed and even screaming is not only useful, but also vital, say scientists of the new generation.

Danish writer and psychologist Sven Brinkman, bestselling author“How to stop improving yourself. End of an eraI am sure that attempts to see a positive in every situation led to a real epidemic of depression. The result of positive thinking, which many propaganda gurus today propagandize, turned out to be the exact opposite. Ignoring their negative emotions, constantly suppressing them, refusing them, people have lost some of their own self.

Stop living in the “bubble of happiness”

In fact, positive thinking is nothing more than a simplified method of self-hypnosis that forces people to live in a cozy bubble, denying problems.It is as if you are creating a tunnel through which you look at the world, trying with all your might to ignore bad people and unpleasant situations. However, the world around does not get better and the bubble will protect you from shocks and life difficulties only for a while. Every time you force yourself to be positive, negativity builds up inside. You can forbid yourself to be angry, but anger does not go anywhere. Anger, sadness, fear - all these emotions are present in life and experience them normally.

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“Psychologists most often teach patients to artificially switch their attention to the positive aspects of any situation, but this approach only exacerbates their problems,” echoes Brinkman’s critical psychologist Bruce Levin. He is sure that one of the greatest nonsense of modern psychology is an attempt to search for the causes of all misfortunes inside a person who is always advised to increase motivation, get rid of pessimism and start living "here and now."

“We have to regain the right to think that sometimes everything is just bad, and that’s the point,” says Levin.

Reality plays with us a cruel joke

WhereinBarbara Held, American Professor of Psychology, is considered one of the most violent opponents of the "forced positive" in the world. In his book “Stop smiling! Start frowning! ”She speaks so directly and says:“ Only infantile fools can see the world through rose-colored glasses, there are a lot of things in life that cause not only joyful feelings! So why don't we look at events realistically? ”

Anger, sadness, fear - all these emotions are present in life and experience them normally.

According to Barbara, excessive positive turns people into selfish, unsuitable for living beings who sooner or later face the collapse of rainbow illusions and are not ready for cruel disappointments. And this means that the method of positive thinking is ineffective.

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If its laws worked, we would not have celebrity suicides and millionaires who hate life. It would seem, what is simpler - replaced negative thoughts with positive ones and live yourself in chocolate! Numerous lifeguards teach us to visualize what we want, imagining that we already have a good salary, a new young man, an apartment in the right area ... But, as a rule, reality plays a cruel joke on people, embodying our plans at the very moment when goals become irrelevant.

No need to fight yourself

Another opponent of positive psychologysociologist Rasmus Willigtalks about the present fascism of positive, which, in his opinion, is nothing more than a form of control over people. Today they are forbidden to be sad, make trouble and hate each other, because such behavior does not fit into the framework of a positive view of the world. That is why, each time experiencing negative emotions, people push a part of themselves into the background.

“If I hate, get angry, jealous, I envy, it means I'm bad,” they think. Their psyche is split in two, because they do not take a large part of themselves and begin to fight with desperately. “Disappointment plus moral exhaustion” is the ideal formula for depression.

So what's the solution, you ask? After all, if not to be an optimist, life will finally lose its colors! “Anti-positive” psychologists say: it’s not necessary to completely abandon the positive. It is enough to imagine including the negative scenario, accept it and not run from problems as if from fire. A realistic view of the world and a willingness to deal with problems is what makes us adults, emotionally resilient and truly happy.

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