Why see in a dream a fight of men

To dream of a fight of men is often a good sign. Fight on fists without causing beats promises new good acquaintances. To correctly interpret a dream, you need to remember its details and refer to different dream books.

Dream Dream Thelomena

A girl needs to choose a lover among admirers - this is what she can dream of in a dream a fight between two men.

For a man, a dream like this will spell success and improve the material situation.

Modern dream book

If a girl saw in a dream how her lover is fighting - it is worth looking at him more closely. Most likely, he does not deserve her love.

You will find a series of small successes and troubles, if in a dream you were watching the duel of two men on pistols.

Dream Aesop

You dreamed how a small man "naskakivaet" on a man of very large size? Expect in reality a pleasant acquaintance, an unexpected turn of events. Such a dream may indicate that things will seem petty and unworthy of your attention.

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