Why the starter on the VAZ does not turn

To find out the reason why the starter does not crank the engine, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the car’s systems after turning the key in the ignition lock. There may be several situations.

No reaction

First of all, pay attention to the instrument panel - when turning the key should light a few lights. If this does not happen, the battery is completely discharged. If the control lamps come on, but when the key is turned to the “Start” position, they start to go out, then either the battery is not fully charged, or there is no contact between one of the battery terminals and the vehicle wiring. Another possible reason is the failure of the starter relay supplying voltage to the retractor relay. In the "classic" VAZ it is located on the right side under the hood (as viewed along the way of the car).
You can try to put in advance a good battery. If the situation repeats, you have to remove the starter. On the removed device disconnect the retractor relay.Disassemble it (you may need a soldering iron) and inspect the "pyataks" - copper contacts in the form of bolts with large round or square caps. The reason for the failure of the starter may be their charring. Just clear the contacts and assemble the relay. At the same time tester check the integrity of the winding. Before you put the part on the engine, attach it with thick wires to a working battery - the anchor of the relay in the presence of voltage on the contacts must be drawn in.

One or more clicks

After a single click (there may be several), the starter does not turn the engine or makes several slow turns. Here the primary reason is the same - a bad battery, burnt contacts, closed (broken) winding of the pull-in relay. If, after clicks, the smell of burning is smelled, then the case may be in the closed stator winding of the starter. This is already a serious malfunction, in order to eliminate it, you must have experience in repairing such devices. Therefore, it is better to buy a new starter.

Other reasons

A rattling and “skipping” sound during a slow rotation of the engine crankshaft may indicate wear on the flywheel teeth.If the starter turns the engine well every other time, then a possible reason may lie in the worn out brushes of the starter collector; it is easy to replace them if the item is removed from the car. However, the collector itself may become unusable due to the long service life (large development on the surface) - then you have to change the starter anchor.

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