Why the video in the contact does not play?

The Vkontakte website has become so popular in Russia that many people cannot imagine a day without their favorite social network. For some, the site is a way of correspondence with friends, colleagues, for others - a place where you can listen to music or learn a lot of new things. People need to belong to any interest groups, where you can find the information you need and share your opinions. The site "Vkontakte" allows you to watch a good movie, series, funny movie. But many have problems just with the last opportunity to contact. So why the video in contact is not played by some Internet users?

Video does not play. What to do?

If your contact does not show video, first try to download the Flash Player. Check that your choice is on its latest version.

  • To do this, go to the Adobe site.
  • There, find the inscription "get adobe flash player" and click on it to download the player.
  • Then start the installation.To do this, click on "download" or "start installation" or "Install Now" or "Download Now". Options may vary by name due to the use of a particular browser or player version.
  • The next step will depend on your browser. If you use Internet Explorer, you will see a pop-up yellow window at the top. There install ActiveX. In any other browser, just close all windows. This will complete the installation of the player.
  • Next, click on "install".

It is possible that you have already installed Flash Player. And in the contact, the video is still not played. Follow the instructions:

  • Open any video in contact;
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and select "settings";
  • Open the third tab. If there we see a tick next to the inscription "Never Ask Again", then simply remove it;
  • In the same place we see the chart. On it we move all pointers to the right side;
  • Close this window and update the village.

Do you still not play video in contact? Most likely, your old Flash Player was installed incorrectly. It's okay, because now we will explain in detail how to fix it.

  • Download Flash Player Uninstaller. We need it to remove the old version of the player.
  • Close any open windows. And then click on Flash Player Uninstaller. Now the old version of the player is deleted.
  • Install the new version of the player, as indicated in our first instruction (see above).

Why is the video in contact slow?

Let's try to clear the cache. This is necessary to fix our problem. The fact is that some browsers clean the cache well, but others will have to clear the cache themselves to remove certain information. It can accumulate there and slow down the download, and you will wonder why a video is loaded for a long time in a contact.

Clear the cache if you have Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the "service", there are looking for "browser properties". Click where it says "delete files".

What to do if you have Mozilla Firefox installed:

  • Click "tools", and then we delete personal data (you need to tick only the cache, and then click "delete").

In addition, the video can slow Vkontakte because of the time of day. For example, in the evening a huge number of users can request the same video at the same time. In this case, you can not wonder why so long loaded video in contact.

Another thing to check is the speed of the Internet.If you understand that it is lower than it should be, then you should contact the technical support service with this question.

You can check the video card. Perhaps she can not cope.

And do not forget to install the latest version of Flash Player. Perhaps the problems with the video arise precisely because of the old version of the player.

We really hope that they helped you to figure out what to do if the video in contact does not play or slows down. Good luck!

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